11 June 2015
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1% improvement 'can save NHS £400m'

There’s things now long gone, you can’t bring them back – to mention them in this house… would just be tactless
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At some point, if I keep using lyrics from The Band of Holy Joy, I may stumble upon someone who remembers them. Mebbe. Not.

The settings I used to process this are now available as a free download. You can find the ‘Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt’ preset available for Lightroom and ACR / Photoshop right here (scroll to the bottom or download all six presets at once).

And if pulled up the hedges and tore out the trees / you couldn’t leave things more barren, bereft, and diseased.

1% improvement 'can save NHS £400m'
His report, published today, found that by making better use of staff, using medicines more effectively and getting better value from the huge number of products the NHS buys, it could save up to £5 billion a year by 2020. Reducing the number of …
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Patriot Act: The three tools feds no longer can use to investigate terror suspects
WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – After the Senate let provisions of the Patriot Act expire Sunday night, the U.S. government is without three tools to investigate and foil terrorist plots. As debate waged on Sunday night, the National Security Agency went …
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Automattic, WordPress' Parent Company, Moves Into E-Commerce With
Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, has announced its acquisition of WooThemes, the maker of popular blog themes and an even more popular WordPress-based, e-commerce platform called WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin currently …
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Replace Multiple WordPress Plugins with Just One
You can gain more time for other tasks, or just yourself when working with WordPress by merging the functionality of different plugins into one single tool. This can usually be done for social sharing tools, opting to use one plugin that deals with all …
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