5 March 2015
Wordpress Beginner
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beginners guide to setting up woocommerce in wordpress

Here is a complete beginners guide to setting up WooCommerce for the first time. Details on Woocommerce setup with the variations here http://a1websitepro.com/2013/11/01/woocommerce-variation-swatches-photos-wordpress/
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Bitnami is also available for Windows! Not only for mac!!
Wordpress is not only for blogging!
You can build up a powerful shop system for example!

In this video we install wordpress on a mac with bitnami, which is also available for windows. BitNami stacks are available for popular web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and MediaWiki. In addition to the application itself, the stacks include the other software required to run that application. For example, a WordPress stack will include WordPress, as well as the MySQL database to manage data, Apache Web server to serve the pages, and phpMyAdmin to administer MySQL. BitNami installers are released under the Apache License 2.0

You can install other Applications Odoo (formerly OpenERP)
But there are a lot more apps out there:
Wordprss (Powerful CMS)
Joomla (CMS)
Redmine (Bug Tracking)
Drupal (Powerful CMS)
Ametys (CMS)
WAMP Stack (Infrastructure)
CraftBukkit Minecraft (Games)
Cloud Tools for Google Cloud Platform
Magento (e-Commerce)
ProcessWire (CMS)
ownCloud (Media Sharing)
WildFly (Infrastructure)
LAMP Stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Python/Perl)
PrestaShop (e-Commerce)
CMS Made Simple (CMS)
GitLab (Version Control)
SiteCake (CMS)
MediaWiki (Wiki)
MEAN (Infrastrucuture)
Ruby Stack (Infrastructure)
Dream Factory (Mobile Development)
Alfresco (CMS)
Ghost (Blog)
phpBB (Forum)
OpenERP, Odoo (ERP)
CiviCRM (CRM),
Django Stack (Infrastructure)
TestLink, (Continuous Integration)
Dolibarr (CRM)
Artifactory (Binary Repository)
DokuWiki (Wiki)
Tiny Tiny RSS (News Aggregator)
Osclass (Online Classfieds)
GitLab CI (Continuous Integration)
Zurmo (CRM)
Roundcube (Email)
WAPP Stack (Infrastructure)
Horde Groupware Webmail (Email)
Liveray (Portal Server)
OXID eShop (e-Commerce)
MAMP Stack (Infrastrucutre)
Open Atrium (Project Management)
Discourse (Forum)
Apache Solr (Infrastructure)
Tiki (CMS)
Tomcat (Infrastructure)
ResourceSpace (Photo Sharing)
Trac (Bug Tracking)
Jenkins (Continous Integration)
Chyrp (Blog)
JasperReports (Business Intelligence)
Cloud Tools for Windows Azure
Node.js (Infrastructure)
PhpCompta (Accounting)
Review Board (Code Review)
Weblate (Tranlation Tools)
Gitorious (Version Control)
Plone (CMS)
Subversion (Version Control)
ThinkUp (Social Networking)
concrete5 (CMS)
WebPack (Blog)
Tracks (Planning)
DevPack (Bundles)
LAPP Stack (Infrastructure)
LimeSurvey (Poll Management)
Gallery (Photo Sharing)
Pootle (Translation Tools)
Mantis (Bug Tracking)
Piwik (Analytics)
OSQA (Forum)
Cloud Tools for AWS
Spree (e-Commerce)
Publify (Blog)
JBoss (Infrastructure)
Radiant (CMS)
Coppermine (Photosharing)
eZ Publish (CMS)
MAPP Stack (Infrastructure)
EnanoCMS (CMS)
JRuby Stack (Infrastrucutre)
Roller (Blog)

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29 responses on “beginners guide to setting up woocommerce in wordpress

  1. Nandu M says:

    Great tutorial, Maximus! Helped me a lot..
    Could you tell me the name of the theme you are using?
    Thanks again!

  2. ampnightmare nightmare says:

    please i need help to edit my ‘ecommerce my account’ page, but i mean just
    the look of it like make a subscriber’s picture , name, info, Orders,
    buys, edit information you know all with a good looking template or skin,
    you have some video or page i can look for it? I mean only in the my
    account tab in the navigation menu , cuz is not good looking by default…

  3. Paul Seager says:

    fantastic video. Thanks for the tutorial. 

  4. Gordon Brownlee says:

    Excellent nicely paced tutorial
    I have a later version and finding the relevant bits to link the tutorial
    was a bit tricky as it moved on but nevertheless very good.

  5. James Caballero says:

    hi great tutorial, but im having 2 issues maybe you can help me, every time
    I choose the page where the shop will be located a list of all my pages
    show up belos the image of the product and there is a search window (i dont
    know where that came from)
    and if i go to the CART a page opens and says “NOTHING FOUND”
    any advice??

  6. chinnie Leung says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. It’s very helpful to me because i am
    new on setting a website. Being a fulltime mother who’s trying to earn some
    extra money in the internet is so difficult. This helped me a lot. Thank

  7. polpox12 says:

    Maximus here has watched to much Southpark, okej :D

  8. Bogdan Ivanov says:

    Great video! Helped me a lot.

  9. wizardknits4u says:

    This may sound like a silly question but does the woocommerce only work in
    a wootheme? Installed it on a Genesis framework theme? I have yet to
    figure out how to set up variables of the same product but it is annoying
    to input one bit of info only to have a different one disappear. Had
    everything set up and working correctly for 4 individual products and am
    now battling vanishing shipping rates, or stock, or this or that….very
    frustration indeed.

  10. TheSistaWarrior says:

    The latest version is different. The pages and catalog options are
    unavailable in 2.2
    Planning an updated tutorial?

  11. Let's Build WordPress says:

    Cool video!

  12. Andrew Kerr says:

    Very useful tutorial. I’m new to using WooCommerce and although I’d already
    managed to figure out how to set up some test products, I was still
    struggling to work out how to configure some of the many options. Now I’m
    much more confident I can get my shop up and running before my opening
    deadline. Thanks for making this video.

  13. Jacob Ludolph says:

    May be a stupid question, but i downloaded, installed and activated the
    plugin. How come my settings page doesnt show half the tabs you have? Pages
    and a couple others.

  14. Zero 2 Cash says:

    I need some help please i don’t see Under Product data were you can add
    S,M,L,XL etc

    i just have Product Data

    Weight Unit

    Dimensions Unit

    Product Ratings Product Ratings

  15. Eoin McGinn says:


  16. Anne Jutras says:

    Thank you, this tutorial was very helpful!

  17. Lennard Breevaart says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. Although the interface has changed this was still
    really helpfull.


  18. THEIA shop says:

    Thanks for a very informative video. It helped me a lot to understand
    WooCommerce. Is this the only one you have published ? If so, can you
    recommend some others to get into even more details ! http://www.theia.cph.dk 

  19. Tim Horton says:

    Hello Max
    Thank you for such a great tutorial, since WooCommerce does not seem to be
    in any hurry to provide us with proper documentation. 🙁

    I have a quick question. How do I set up WC so that the customer chooses a
    package to start, and then WC walks them through 3-4 more categories where
    they can make a choice from each category before ending up on the
    checkout/cart page?

    Thank you very much!

  20. Sterling Media Northwest Advertising Agency says:

    Looking forward to the updated tutorial! Hoping for a near future arrival

  21. andBassandSwing says:

    Thanks so much for tute!
    Can someone please help though: As far as virtual products go, is it
    possible to sell a folder of files without compressing them using winrar or
    similar? So when the customer clicks the link the whole workable folder
    downloads.. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  22. Amanda Martinez says:

    I’m trying to create a menu in wordpress. There are usually a list of pages
    to chose from under the “view all” tab (such as blog, contact, about etc).
    These options are not appearing under the view all tab. Any idea as to why
    or how I can add a page without those options?

  23. Peter McCarthy says:

    Thanks for the help!! I’ve set up a variable product (CD & download)
    versions…The only thing I can’t find is how to set the download version
    to have FREE shipping.
    any idea?

  24. cristiano gomes says:

    Thank you!

  25. Matthew S says:

    Great Tutorial! Very helpful.

  26. Nicola Usai says:

    Hi, is it also possible to install more than just one instance of
    WordPress? How would i do that? Thanks a lot!

  27. jackendy cherenfant says:

    how can people access your site if it in your local pc not a server?

  28. Rakesh Parwal says:

    Thank Malte… Really helpful. Thanks a lot for helping

  29. Alfred Basile says:

    Thanks man !

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