4 March 2015
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Create a Business Website in WordPress – 2015

Learn how to create your business website in WordPress then add beautiful content for 2015.
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17 responses on “Create a Business Website in WordPress – 2015

  1. Greg Narayan says:

    Watch Us *Create a Business Website in WordPress* for 2015!

    I mean…

    The WordPress theme we use (Vantage) feels awesome…

    2015 as a year feels awesome…

    WordPress is absolutely crushing it now powering over 23% of the world’s
    top 10 million websites…

    What more could you ask for!? 🙂

    Drop me any questions or ideas for more videos in the comments, and thanks
    for watching!

    #wordpress #makeawebsite #businesswebsite 

  2. Udana Power says:

    Fabulous training! Thank you. I found out this evening that my web person
    had not put up a page that needed to be there within 2 days. I found your
    video, opened up my web host in another window and just followed the yellow
    brick road. I went from zero to having 3 pages up to comply with getting
    my Trademarks completed. Whew. In the nick of time. It was easy and fun.
    I never in a million years would have gotten through all that stuff from a
    book and never a fat chance could have figured 90% of it out on my own. As
    it was… I just enjoyed the ride and didn’t have to break for some comfort
    food to calm down my stress. Actually… I had no stress. Thanks, Greg.
    Pretty terrific work. !!

  3. Karl Carey says:

    Thank you so much Greg, I watched from start to finish building my site on
    Vantage. I run a small Decorating Business and my site is
    http://TheDecorators.ie I couldn’t have built it without your help and I
    will be recommending this video tutorial to everybody. Thanks again.

  4. Adam Barraclough says:

    So i went to start another website, and went through your steps from your
    2013 or 2014 video where you used GoDaddy to purchase your domain. After
    you purchase your first domain, should you purchase from HostGator vs.
    GoDaddy? I cant seem to figure out how to attach my new domain to my
    existing HostGator account. Tech support must be backed up as well cause I
    can’t get through via live chat.

  5. Roger Kenworthy says:

    Hi Greg;
    Is Vantage a free theme? I can’t find it when I go to the various themes
    offered. Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. Tracy Allen says:

    Thank you Greg! I left you a comment yesterday from my other YouTube
    account about how pleasant you are doing this video. I watched and have it
    almost done but, I’m stuck on 2 things. I already had a blog but, wanted to
    revamp it. Now, I don’t know how to [1] Get my circles at the bottom to
    open the link to another tab. [2] How do I get rid of the stuff at the very
    bottom of my page? http://mstracyallen.com It looks really weird but, I
    don’t know what to do to have it not show.

  7. Hunaid Jamali says:

    Hi Greg!

    You have done a fantastic work. Could you please also think of uploading
    video “Building an eCommerce website” using OsCommerce or any other
    exciting Plug in.

    That would be really great if could do so.

    Best Regards,
    Hunaid Hussain.

  8. Laurence Edgar says:

    Here is a breakdown Greg. The 4 Photos on my desktop measure 531×385
    When i add them to the slider and Right Click on the to check the
    properties they measure. 152×152 Px.. I set the demensions from the set 700
    to 531×385. the size of each photo, I choose Set the advanced settings to
    100% Stretch center line, Auto PlayCrop Standard and save.. Refresh..
    Check out view and nothing has changed. As I said I have tried several
    various Pxl Sizes. Laurence.

  9. Outlander Contracting says:

    Awesome video Greg….following step by step. Got stopped on the Meta
    Slider for a while, had to delete and re-install it to get it to work

  10. Slowbro202 says:

    Thank you so much for this video.

    I want to do something a little different but I’m not sure how. In the area
    where the video is, I want to have my latest post (and also say Latest
    Post), the post title and an excerpt from the post. How do I do this? The
    existing widgets don’t seem to be able to accomplish this, and I tried a
    plugin/widget called A5 recent posts that did not function properly (I
    would go in, change the settings, then as soon as I clicked done and save
    all the settings would be erased).

  11. Kia Com says:

    Gerg Big help . thank you . there is a theme call AccessPress Parallax can
    you show us how to create web site with that .

  12. KU Comrades Forum! says:

    First: Thanks for the tutorial.
    Then: How do I remove the comments on the about and contact us page?!

  13. Mark Lester says:

    I’ve upgraded to the premium theme and this sorts out the menu straight
    away. I’m still working on the rest of site but like the pagebuilder
    widget. Looking for an ecommerce option now – if you have any suggestions
    let me know! Also I’m guessing if I want to use my own fonts I’ll need to
    add this to the code?

  14. Imran Mouna says:

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial! It’s been extremely helpful. I had a
    question I was hoping you could answer – is it necessary to click the big
    blue “Activate your Akismet account” button? Or is activating how you’ve
    shown all we have to do?

  15. Francine Rousseau says:

    HI Greg,
    First…thank u a lot !
    I use Worpress 4.1.1
    I installed “contact form 7” as you did…and I have a problem because when
    I click send. I have an error message that fits send button below:
    “Error sending message. Please try again later or contact the administrator
    of another way ”
    What can I do about it? I can not find an answer in the forums, except to
    change for SMTP … I know about nothing in that !! And I saw that several
    people on the Web have the same problem? But I have not found the solution.

    thank for your answer!

  16. Russell Canning says:

    Thanks so much for this! I am applying for a new position that requires me
    to use WordPress. I feel like I know what I am doing now!

  17. Issac N says:

    Hey Greg, I have installed the WordPress 4.1.1, which I think it’s the
    latest edition, but it doesn’t have the “Theme Setting” and “Home Page”
    option, but mine has the “Header” and “Background” options. Why is that?

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