9 February 2015
WP Theme
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Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

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Here is how to create a wordpress theme. Ill do it the wordpress minimalist way so you can customize it any way you like. It’s not that bad once you see! Have fun!

For more information about the Restaurateur WordPress theme see here: http://wpthemes.co.nz/restaurateur/

For theme installation instructions see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqm2yVW8z_Y

In this video we cover the basics of customizing the Restaurateur theme. This includes:

* Setting up a custom home page with the big image slider
* Creating a menu page to display menu items (see installation video on how to install the menu items plugin)
* Creating a custom navigation menu
* Customizing the theme with your own logo, background image and colors.
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41 responses on “Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

  1. Will Blackamoor says:

    I watched a tutorial of yours a year or two ago. Since then, i have become
    a respected professional in PHP, Node.js and Python. Your tutorials rock,
    and i’m especially appreciative of this one!

  2. The Mad Skillz says:

    so how to install wordpress on netbeans? TT_TT i’ve been searching for that
    but not found any tuts

  3. Davis Brown says:

    Best tutorial you have shared with us . Beginners will surely like it .
    There is also another software which can be very productive in designing
    #themes ,Websites . This software #TemplateToaster is very unique . I’m
    using it and it is a perfect tool for web designers .

  4. Amit Dixit says:

    This guy don’t know that we need index.php template to show the theme.

  5. Matteus Barbosa says:

    Great introduction, +JREAM ! I have some worthly stuff to share and make
    this thing better:

    1) BOOTSTRAP IT ! You guys can make your CSS styles based on a distro of
    bootstrap pattern! It is a very good practice and make all your jobs look
    more professional and easier to maintain and modify! Just load it’s API +
    your style.css. Below you can download a variety of BOOTSTRAP AWESOME THEMES


    2) Watch the video is a great boost to motivate and show you how easy is
    the thing, but don’t forget about deeply knowledge! The best practice is to
    study the official documentation standards of every technology you r


    3) HTML5 – Stop reinventing the same stuff a thousand times. You can adopt
    this HTML5 page pattern as a good practice on every project start, and
    discard sectors that you don’t need:


    Any questions may be posted here! Cheers.

  6. Annette H. says:

    This is very realistic which was refreshing. Thanks, it helped!

  7. Ahmed Mahmoud says:

    you donot know how I’m very happy with
    watching u develop and make errors and fix it
    it’s very beneficial for me 

  8. Peter Lewis says:

    Love this video. I like how you just don’t give a shit and just make it
    work to show how simple WordPress really is. Just what I was looking for
    since I didn’t quite have the balls to just delete everything and start
    over without seeing someone else do it first, lol. Keep up the good work.
    note: Your voice doesn’t make me want to kill myself like some others do,


    author link :

    by Reply

  • Michael Gersak says:

    Yeah like it . More investigation required

  • Brady Dowling says:

    +JREAM at 2:26 you say “div class.” My wife used to use that term when she
    took an information systems class and I’d always correct her and say “It’s
    a div tag. A class is something you can use to modify a div, span, etc.” Is
    there a specific reason you say “div class” here or is that just a slip of
    the tongue?

  • LosEagle says:

    When you are making a videos doing things “from scratch” you should really
    explain all the new things that appears in there. Otherwise its nothing but
    an expectation that people will just keep retyping your code without
    knowing whats going on. Not everyone wants to create things this way…

  • Michael White says:


  • Joe Richards says:

    Hello, this video is great! Thanks for posting. I love seeing how you work
    through the problems as you come across them also. 


    Thanks man! very simple and informative.. i’ll spend all my time in codex,
    cause i don’t really know functions names and actually i am just getting
    into this PHP.. so, i’ll be learning every single day.
    thanks once again !!

  • Nivas Sri says:

    how we will use bootstrap style sheet for this templete development

  • Dee Rancatore says:

    “Continue reading” blog post button not showing. Please can someone help

  • Green Warrior says:

    How do you customize the theme so that the links in the menu items wont
    display alphabetical? You said in a comment below that it can be done 🙂 I
    know there’s no tool in the dashboard, but how do you change the code to
    get them displying by id (or in the order you create them)? 

  • Morgan Price says:

    Can someone link me the menu plugin? Thanks.

  • Chicago Food Pharaoh says:

    Is there a way you can get rid of the widgets at the bottom of the home

  • johan schroeder says:

    Hi, thank you for thee great theme, but I cannot get the slider to display,
    although I have inserted the image into the page. Does it need to be a
    specific size?

  • Jim Sowers says:

    Hi Charles, I love the theme and am helping friends use it for their pub.
    But, I noticed that in your demo the home page does not show the home page
    title (which I like). I have scoured forums but can’t seem to find a
    straight answer that works, and which is specific. If I don’t want the page
    title to show on the home page (or preferably for any pages) exactly what
    code to have to change in exactly what files. Seems like it’s a change to
    either style.css or page.php, but again, I’m at a loss. Would really
    appreciate your help. Thanks so much.

  • Trophco says:

    Hi thanks for the theme it’s working well so far and I’m preparing to
    launch. When I look at the menu on a mobile device (iPhone) and I want to
    view just one category, dinner, fish, wine etc, the menu appears for me to
    select but then it stays on the page. Is there a way of making the drop
    down disappear so I can see the selection on the page (currently hidden by
    the menu in the way) thanks! Sophie at Trophco

  • Jim Sowers says:

    When I change the images in my home page, the slider continues to show the
    original photos. Does not seem to be a caching problem — I cleared cache,
    reloaded, even tried a separate laptop. Thoughts? Help appreciated

  • R.A. Grimes says:

    Hi Charles,
    having problems getting the slider to work. I keep getting a page that
    says:Images added to this page will appear here. I have uploaded the images
    but not working. Any thoughts?

  • metaldrake999 says:

    Hi, may I ask you how can I add a ‘Menu Item’ without the ‘Featured Image’
    function? Or is possible to make the default image box smaller and remove
    the text ‘No Feautured Image’, so that it looks like nothing is missing?
    Also, thank you very much for your great work.

  • Jagadish Radhakrishnan says:

    Hi Charles, Nice template. Can you please explain why the homepage slider
    is not working? Its just showing “Images added to this page will appear
    here”. Have followed the same way you have added images in this video.
    Please help. Nice work for a beautiful template dedicated for Restaurants.

  • AmirAli Hazrati says:

    I am having issues with the home page slider, it will only show 2 images.
    also I can’t change the images, even when I delete those images from the
    home page and add new images

  • Carmen Botana Castro says:

    In the menu item is it possible to remove the picture of the fork and knife?
    Thank you for your tutorial, it’s easy and fun

  • Arseny Ars says:

    thank you! very usefull

  • cranwinks says:

    Hi Charles, Great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to change the
    color of the categories on the Menu page, where it says, “SHOW ALL,” etc.
    The default color is a light gray, and I’d like to change it to a solid red
    to make it more visible. Please let me know. Thanks!

  • vavrorvav says:

    would you be so kind and make video tutorial for magazino?

  • Mohtashim (Moti) Ahmed says:

    Hi Charles – great template. I have almost got it setup on Wp 3.7 but am
    not able to get the home page to display any pictures for the slider – any
    suggestions or could i see the code of the wp page somehow so i know what i
    am doing wrong?

  • Charles Coxhead says:

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for the feedback. Yes, it is alphabetical and there
    isn’t an admin control to change this. I totally get that this is
    desirable, it just didn’t make it into the current version. We may get to
    add this in the future, but I can’t promise a date. Only option right now
    is to customize the theme I’m afraid. Cheers.

  • Charles Coxhead says:

    Hi, try adding a single empty text widget to that spot (Appearance >
    Widgets). That will override the default widgets, and being empty it won’t
    add anything to the page. Bit of a hack but might do what you need.

  • MrTheElysium says:

    hi Charles. first thanks you for that very fast answer. it’s work well.
    when i finish the website i’ll send you the link where you’ll be able to
    see your great theme in action ! 😉 again thanks you for the great job.

  • Jennifer Plemel says:

    Beautiful template. Was curious if there was a way to customize the order
    of the “Menu Item Categories” from the dashboard, without using Editor and
    changing the code in the .css/.php. Seems they are sorted alphabetical by

  • malodmor says:

    I’m having a problem with the mailto link in the social icons. Can you
    provide an example link address? Thank You

  • MrTheElysium says:

    hi. great template ! . i was wandering, does anyone know how to remove ”
    last post, recent post, gategorie and archive from de bottom of the page ?
    i would like to keep juste the carroussel of pic and the little text under.
    thanks you.

  • Maya De Nardi says:

    Hi, I’m just playing around with the slider and was wondering if you could
    tell me the ideal size for this slider and how I can reduce the number of
    pictures. At the moment I have two empty frames and my three pictures are
    not in the order I want. Thanks

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