19 June 2015
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Executive Theme: Review Exposes Fully Wigitized WordPress Theme for Genesis Framework Created by StudioPress

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) May 31, 2014

Executive Theme, an advanced, fully wigitized child theme designed for WordPress users that utilizes the Genesis Framework and a sleek, simplistic design created by StudioPress has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

“The StudioPress Executive Theme is the perfect solution for website administrators who are looking for a way to add a touch of minimalistic professionalism to their website in a way that doesn’t require the work of an expensive custom web developer,” reports Michaels. “With the trifecta of WordPress versatility, Genesis Framework power, and StudioPress design, administrators really can’t go wrong with this theme.”

The Executive Theme showcases big and bold features that allow for sleek display of highlighted content or objects on the home page. Its clean, clear, and sleek design gives site administrators the option of choosing three different page layouts as well as seven different color schemes, including teal, blue, orange, green, purple, red, and orange. The Executive Theme is also completely responsive, meaning that it is automatically compatible with any device that a website visitor uses to view the site, whether on a desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Those who purchase the Executive Theme also get the advantage of having the Genesis Framework powering their site, which offers rock-solid security, out-of-the-box SEO, blazing fast performance, and ultra-flexible foundational code. Executive Theme users still get the functionality of using the WordPress platform for their site, which makes administration and site development a cinch. The Executive Theme plus Genesis Framework is currently available as a package offer for a one-time fee of $ 99.95, which includes unlimited updates and support along with detailed tutorials about implementing the theme.

“Far too many people make the mistake of sticking with free themes for their site and simply hoping that it will work out, but in the long run, they end up wasting endless amounts of time with complicated programming, bloated code, less-than-ideal security, and SEO features that just aren’t up to par,” says Michaels. “With a small upfront investment, those who purchase the Executive Theme from StudioPress get access to an entirely different experience that allows them to create a site that looks custom-made, but is simple enough to edit and customize on their own.”

“There are few other places that offer the aesthetics that the Executive Theme has along with the customization options that are usually only available with an independent developer.”

Those wishing to purchase the StudioPress Executive Theme or for more information, click here.

To access a comprehensive Executive Theme review, visit their official site here.

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