5 March 2015
Learn Wordpress
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How To Build A Website From Scratch With WordPress – Step By Step

How To Build A Website From Scratch With WordPress - Step By Step

How To Build A Website From Scratch With WordPress
(Step by Step Guide) http://linktrack.info/hosting-company

Learn how to make your very own website in less than one hour! You don’t need to know any html coding or have any previous web design experience — AND it’s 100% FREE to learn how to do it!

Host Gator – http://linktrack.info/hosting-company

Would you like to learn how to build a full website or blog from start to finish?
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1. Getting Hosting for your Website (http://linktrack.info/hosting-company)
2. Getting A Domain Name for your Website
3. Installing WordPress
4. Installing A Theme
5. Adding Pages
6. Getting The Home Page in Order
7. Adding A Custom Contact Form
8. Adding Your Logo to your Website

You may be asking yourself, Why WordPress?

WordPress is a website building platform used by many multi-million dollar companies for their websites along with famous celebrities like Katy Perry & J Z, so really the question is –

Why Not WordPress?

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24 responses on “How To Build A Website From Scratch With WordPress – Step By Step

  1. ShePlaysIt says:

    omg I’m in love with you accent <3......that aside, thanks for the video!

  2. Chris Jones says:

    Great video…. Many Thanks

  3. Jack Ives says:

    Great informative video .. have to try now!

  4. 808Wood says:

    Flat out full on outstanding tutorial m8.You should teach. Easy to follow
    comprehensive just what I needed.Seriously outstanding.Thank you.

  5. adam francis says:

    This really is a GREAT tutorial. As others have already said, you make it
    so easy to understand. I’ve been fearful of WP for years because I’m not
    amazing on the coding side of things, but after watching this – I’m in!
    Thank you.

  6. Hashem Al Hashemy says:

    Can’t thank you enough :)

  7. Aimee Lopez says:

    thank you so much for this! You explained everything and I thank you for

  8. anthony lord says:

    I learned more in that hour watching you than I have in months paying other
    people. Thank you

  9. Garryoz99 says:

    Did you not say “for free” and then the first thing you cover is spending

  10. Angie jolie says:

    I am a new learner.Thanks you so much to clear my confusion.

  11. Annette Bettin says:

    Awesome video. Thank you so much. This has helped me so much and so easy to
    understand. You did a great job!

  12. Shabakada Codka says:

    Thank you for this valuable video. If i want to install an old version of
    wordpress how will do it please? 

  13. Davis MT says:

    Excellent video, many thanks.

  14. Def0cused.Art says:

    Hi, please advise:
    i have already created wordpress account without buying a domain. They
    offer buying a domain through their website, so shall i go for that or what
    is the difference?

  15. Liew Herreis says:

    Seriously I bought a domain & a hatchling plan from Hostgator for 6 DAYS
    now and I still can’t access into the building phase cause apparently they
    haven’t set up my DNS yet, wtf 6 DAYS (and might go on longer at this
    rate)!!!!! You said it would be 4 hours :(. Your tutorial is much
    appreciated but I don’t feel good being misleaded like this :(

  16. lpwis says:

    Thanks Martie, I will give this a try soon and let you know how well it
    works out for me! 

  17. Michael Frazier says:

    Martie, You are without a doubt the BEST tutor I have seen on the web. I
    am very particular about how information is delivered. You definitely have
    the correct approach. Thank you. 

  18. ahig63 says:

    Hello, I followed you all the way to changing the home page. I went to
    Dashboard, appearance however, there is no theme option in the drop down or
    in that section. I have theme, customize, widgets, menus, header,
    background and editor and now I’m stuck…any suggestions? 

  19. Bipin Unni says:

    Well explained….! does the basic domain plan (go daddy) allow only one
    domain at a time…..I have three domains, but two of them don’t have
    “www” with them….! how can i maintain all the three domains ..should I
    upgrade the plan? I used go-daddy “website tonight” to build the domain
    which works good…

  20. Vasantray Vachhani says:

    Simply amazing how a website can be created! I thought I need to learn
    HTML, CSS etc to construct a site. But it is no so.

  21. Bey North says:

    Great video!! This is by far the best one I’ve seen. Thank you!!

  22. Ivett General says:

    I love this tutorial! :)

  23. Ray Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for making it easy for us to understand. do you have any
    more videos that cover other things regarding building a website? once I
    started looking around in wordpress there is a lot still probably most of
    us don’t understand. thanks again though for helping this ole guy get up
    and running on the web! 

  24. Mash Moon says:

    Is it 20$ monthly?

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