9 March 2015
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How To Create A BEAUTIFUL Website with WordPress 2015! EASY

http://77webstudio.com Learn how to create a website with WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme, a beautiful, clean, minimalist design for professionals, bloggers, artists, and anyone who wants a clean design that keeps the attention on your content and images.

No experience needed, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process from Zero to Website. We’ll also make customizations to this site including, adding a custom logo, customizing titles and button colors.


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25 responses on “How To Create A BEAUTIFUL Website with WordPress 2015! EASY

  1. 77webstudio says:

    +Tajka Selan Hi Tajka, after you install Jetpack, you need to “activate”
    Jetpack’s sharing feature within Jetpack in the left top sidebar. Hope this

  2. 77webstudio says:

    +Paula M. Schmitz Muchas gracias, Paula! Thank you so much for your kind
    words, I appreciate you!!! : )

  3. The Veggie Nut says:

    Hi, I’m sure you’re busy, but I’m really hoping you can help me. I followed
    your instructions, yet for my recipe gallery, it does not show the
    description of each recipe. I named each photo and wrote a description, yet
    when you go through the gallery, it doesn’t show the description, why is
    that? Please take a quick look at my page and tell me if you know what I
    did wrong and how to fix it. Thank you so much!!

  4. Hassaan Khan says:

    Hey Katrina,
    I really liked your video and +77webstudio youtube channel. I’ve subscribed
    and looking forward to watch awesome tutorials. I’ve been working as a
    #blogging Professional and using #WordPress for last 5 years and I just
    love it. So, keep sharing awesome videos. 

  5. The Veggie Nut says:

    Hello. Wow, making a website is complex! Good thing I had your tutorial to
    guide me through it! I just finished creating my website, I stopped at the
    changing the name logo, I didn’t do that. I have a question, I hope you can
    answer for me. I followed your instructions, using the twenty fifteen
    theme, but that theme doesn’t really suite me, I was hoping to change it.
    My question is, if I change my theme right now, will all of my content
    remain the same or will I have to redo everything I just did? Please let me
    know, I don’t want to mess with anything, until I know. Thanks so much! 

  6. Deb Metz says:

    Its okay I got through a different route, the FTP was in my wordpress.
    Thank you Katrina for your help in setting up my website, you have made it
    pretty easy to follow along! 

  7. Adam Tinkoff says:

    Thank you. Great tutorial. This is how you do it.

  8. Brendan Mace says:

    Thanks for the video!

  9. raymond hernandez says:

    excellent tutorial you are the best in youtube Katrina

  10. Anna Hinkle says:

    I am looking to create a website only, no blog, very basic to showcase my
    art work. No selling, just a web presence to let people see my work. What
    theme do you suggest? Thanks for all your tutes, great info!

  11. kaywood Parsons says:

    hey there, amazing videos. Was wondering if this one is good for my
    painting company. I am a painting contractor and would like to find the
    right one. hopefully a free theme. Would have to be responsive like this
    one as most contractors and clients view via smartphone. thanks and have an
    awesome day.

  12. neoblackcyptron says:

    Quick question i’m confused a little about the choice to make to create a
    1-page website with embedded contetn that links to other sites.
    1. Do i use pure HTML/CSS3 and javascript or
    2. Use a CMS like WordPress or Drupal .

    What would be your choice based on experience. Thanks. This site does not
    have a database or anything like that. Just a page to point to embedded
    content in say youtube or some other content publisher.

  13. Geovani Araujo says:

    Hi Katrinah, i’m here just say i like you so much. Thanks again about your
    tutorial. Geovani, from Brazil.

  14. Sofia Le says:

    Really good video!
    Straight to the point and professional, without all the ‘ahmmm’ and ‘ehmmm’
    that are used to tutorials! No waste of time, clear moves, explaining well
    all the options and mentioning even the self-explanatory is good to bring
    everyone on the same page!
    Great job!
    Thanks a lot!:-)

  15. CHADER El Hassan says:

    Hi Katrina it was long time
    i hope that you are fine
    thank you for the video i’ll watch it now ( I know that it gonna be great
    as all time 🙂 )
    and happy new year from Morocco

  16. Fuzzy Spirals says:

    You are awesome! It’s 2015 and I am finally starting my blog thanks to you

  17. Mark Goldojarb says:

    Excellent video! Your presentation was easy to follow and pleasant to
    listen to. Much better than all the other vids I have been watching on the
    same subject. This, hands down, is the most concise, informative vid I
    have seen….and my wife has had me watching quite a few. Now I feel at
    ease building my business site. Thank you!

  18. David Morales says:

    Hello, hello Katrina:

    I came across your video’s based on setting up a membership plug in and saw
    it was over a year ago… maybe two years ago. Now, with that in mind… I
    use Optimize Press 1.65 haven’t upgraded to 2.0 yet… but I am liking what
    I see here about the newest themes for word press… impressive, and
    hopefully I can assume the right structure for the membership portion with
    the Optimize Press 1.65… I know that this post doesn’t apply to the
    video’s I’d seen previously about the membership… sure it should work
    with almost any plugin or theme? But, this message here is to say thank you
    for the awesome video’s!!!!


  19. Richie Rich says:

    Hi Katrina!!!!! I missed you but I am glad that you are back doing what you
    do so well. I hope that you have been well and that you have an awesome
    2015! Many hugs Richie!!! 

  20. Jolanta Holband says:

    Hi Katrina,

    I use a different theme than you discuss but I’m trying to set up my page
    watching your video. My WordPress version is 4.1 and I have Foodie Pro
    Theme. When I try to create a child theme I do not have the button “Create
    a child theme”. Doesen’t this plugin work with all themes?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  21. Deb Metz says:

    Is this the only way to add your logo? It is quite a long process just to
    add your logo

  22. Antoinette Armstrong says:

    Great video. One question. What browser are you using? The visual and text
    tabs don’t show on my dashboard. 

  23. See Super says:

    Hi, thnx for all!

    But i have a little problem. I do all steps. But when i publish a post.
    Then i can not see it on my website. I can only see it when i press view
    post on the dashboard. I published aswell. Hope you can help me.


  24. Tajka Selan says:

    Hi. I have downloaded this Simple Social icons, but I already have my
    jetpack installed in my wordpress so I didn’t have to connect it with my
    wordpress. So to sum up my wordpress doesn’t show me the pluggins button so
    I downloaded Simple social buttons from google, but I can’t enable them so
    they aren’t shown in the widgets. Can you help me please?

  25. August Whitlock says:

    Great presentation. Just subscribed today since I’m looking into learning
    more about wordpress. Your enthusiasm and personality helps to cut the
    dry-ness out of long winded tutorials. Great job, can’t wait for the next.

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