12 March 2015
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How To Create A Website – Make A Website In 15 Minutes – Incredible!

How To Create A Website – I’ll show you how to make a website, on your own, in less than 15 minutes!


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This beautiful theme was provided by AJ Clarke from WPExplorer and can be found at the following URL:


I highly encourage you to check out all of the other themes that are provided on his site.

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Are you looking to start a website?

In this brief tutorial, I show you exactly how to create a website, that is fully responsive, in less than 15 minutes. There are three steps I walk you through in order to help you start a website on your own.

1. Get a domain name and hosting.
2. Install WordPress and plugins.
3. Install and configure a theme.

We will build a website with the WordPress platform, and it will only cost around per month. Here are the features that it will have:

1. A home page with a slider and featured content.
2. A blog page with featured, recent blog posts.
3. An about page with a sidebar to configure.
4. A contact page with a contact form and captcha.
5. An “About The Author” widget in the sidebar and footer.
6. A Newsletter opt-in form in the sidebar and footer.
7 Social icons linked to your social profiles.
8. A fully responsive design so it displays well on any device.

If you aren’t a technical person, or if you can’t design a website on your own, then this tutorial will be perfect for you. The whole process I walk you through is point and click. Installing and configuring WordPress and plugins can be done with the click of a mouse. And we even import the images and text so you can see what the website is supposed to look like.

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on YouTube that supposedly show you how to build a website, when all they’re doing is showing you how to install WordPress. Or, if they really do show you how to make a website, the process is long and drawn out, and takes around an hour to complete.

With this tutorial, you’ll complete your own website in less than 15 minutes.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

Support Forums: http://www.WebsitesMadeSimple.org/forums

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15 responses on “How To Create A Website – Make A Website In 15 Minutes – Incredible!

  1. goodgirlsguide says:

    why are you going to the trouble of buying hosting and pluins when you can
    just set one up with wordpress without the grief?

  2. simona bost says:

    is there anyway to teach this w/o costs? I am just experimenting, don’t
    want to buy a domain and hosting. Thanks for the info!

  3. Itgel baatarkhuu says:

    i have a problem installing after installed wpex-pytheas.zip i tried upload
    and install wpex-pytheas-child.zip but FAILED and shows up this error:
    Installing Plugin from uploaded file: wpex-pytheas-child.zip
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the plugin…
    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
    Plugin install failed.
    Return to Plugins page
    What do to?

  4. Michael DeLisio says:

    In my experience, the Pytheas WP website doesn’t work in WordPress 4.0.1.
    After carefully trying several times, the images are not imported and the
    site looks like the default template. Widgets are not working right either.
    Will it be possible to update this video to the current version? I’m not
    bothered by the fast paced explanation, since I can always stop and rewind.
    It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  5. julie matos says:

    hi I have problems to upload and install a hostgator theme any idea how
    can I fix it?

  6. Nithya Sundar says:

    Is there any possibility learn wordpress without hosting.any ide for
    developing site?

  7. terhemba nyaga says:

    Thank you for your video. I have a small problem. How did you get your list
    of plugins from the resource section. Second question: The seventh item on
    the list of plugins I saw on your video, what is it? wysijia? or wysila?

  8. Charlotte Victoria says:

    I installed the worpress plugin then i click the link to log into the admin
    and it says it can’t find my domain….. Help! xxx

  9. Rihanna ' says:

    i cant find quick install in my control panel help me.

  10. Georgie Stewart says:

    YOU HAVE TO PAY no way

  11. Prabhjot kaur says:

    thanks for this video..actually i want to ask that if i designed my site on
    localserver then hw cn i upload it on live server
    and the next question is this… if i m doing a work on site on localserver
    wamp den every page has a an edit link…nd if i wil upload it as live then
    will it appear or not?

  12. Dixie Riepl says:

    Hi: I went to Arvixe to see about web hosting there. I saw a site
    nearby….Fastcomet…that says it is faster and
    appears to cost less than Arvixe. What is the difference between the two?
    Why too should we no longer
    use Hostgator? What basic features should be look for in a host? Thank

  13. ahmed al ani says:

    fuck you son of bitch. it all ballshit mother fucker 

  14. tony b says:

    I enjoyed the video, very informative and looks easy to do. However, I have
    a a few questions:
    1. What comes with the hosting? Any SEO, Social connections, monitoring
    2. Is there an extra fee if you were to build the site for me?
    3. Can this type of website be used for a business. To be informative and
    generate leads?
    4. Can images be changing from one photo or caption to another on its own,
    without having to manually change them.

    Thanks ,

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