3 March 2015
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How to create, install and use a WordPress child theme

In this tutorial, I walk through the basic steps needed to create a WordPress child theme for any WordPress theme. You can see the full post here: http://goo.gl/yGMvS
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How to Use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 responses on “How to create, install and use a WordPress child theme

  1. Romey B says:

    Best explanation of child themes! Thank you!

  2. Todd Crutsinger says:

    If you get this error “PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of
    Central Dir Record signature”, it’s most likely because you’re new like me.
    His video is a bit blurry when it comes to the Text Editor portion, so
    copying what you think you see will create this error. At least it did for
    Here are the few things I had to correct:
    1. Those are not DOUBLE quotations. Use single quotes:
    2. There is a space between “url” and the first bracket: @import url
    3. Make sure the copied code you put under the theme info starts with the
    */ I didn’t make this mistake but I bet it happens.

    Good luck!

  3. Janet Polanco says:

    Awesome! Very clear tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Chris Capps says:

    Hi, this is definitely the best tutorial I have seen yet but does not
    manage to answer my issue regarding this process when using the mystile
    theme from woothemes (please do not direct me to upload wp’s
    tutorial)…when following the @import method or enqueueing the parent via
    a functions.php file the header of the mystile theme top menu fails
    completely and thumbnails/pics go back to default specs and will not
    regenerate. If I past my style.css from the activated parent them to the
    child, my site displays correctly except for some errors around my cart
    icon… an unwanted pounds symbol outside of my AU$ sign and an open
    bracket next to checkout tab in header indicates to me visible residue of a
    second stylesheet showing from under child? I found an article here which
    makes reference to my issue but the advice is beyond my current rookie


    Good tutorial, simple and clear :)

  6. sharon stevens says:

    Thanks a lot for the clear tutorial. Just created my first child theme and
    it worked first time after using your tutorial.

  7. WordOnWheels says:

    wow you made something SOOOOO COMPLICATED and impossible to understand
    which nobody could explain or understand into something so simple and so
    easy to understand

  8. naim shoib says:

    Thank you and pay you a compliment for your kind effort to make so simple
    and comprehensive.

  9. Michael Hudak says:

    Best explanation of child themes! Thank you!

  10. Lore Web Design says:

    Would you mind explaining what you mean at 12.19 “Once you update, the
    changes are final” 

  11. Vidhyadhar Bhagwat says:

    Good One. Very impressive.

  12. How2win7 says:

    Thanks! Great explanation.

  13. rahul chelat says:

    thanks very much…super simple and very straight forward demonstration….

  14. WordOnWheels says:

    you wouldnt happen to know how to remove or change the Designed by Themes &
    Co ·in the Customizr theme or the Powered by Mantra & WordPress. in the
    mantra theme by any chance would you ?

  15. Liz Williams says:

    Awesome tutorial, this helped me get my child theme all set up, thank you!

  16. Gazu Casey says:

    woooow thanks can i ask you what is the name for that theme u used it is
    very nice

  17. Michelle Fecher says:

    I can’t hear it. :(

  18. Pritesh Mittal says:

    Thanks so much for such a detailed video.

  19. Tony N says:

    Even though I had a very difficult time hearing the audio, this is one of
    the best NextGEN Gallery tutorials I have seen, and has helped me a lot.
    Thank you for making it!

  20. Parry Don says:

    Hi i installed the next gen plug in unto my vantage theme..I have three
    small slide shows without about a 125 pics each but they only play for a
    lil while then stop….I was wondering what causing that and also is there
    a limit to the amount of pics you can hv in your slide show and also does
    the size of the pics matter , the pics i am using is 300 x200 pixels

  21. Nic Summers says:

    I can’t hear any audio in this video… Other youtubes are ok.

  22. Carla Guildner says:

    Thanks so much; you did an excellent job of explaining everything. Very
    clear and precise. I learned a lot and feel confident I can create and
    manage gallerys with no problems whatsoever.

  23. Parry Don says:

    I am new to all this

  24. Tom Riviere says:

    Can’t hear you very well.

  25. WordPres :: OEM says:

    How to Use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress

  26. eli atar says:

    hi i wanted to know how do i remove this [slide show]
    above my gallery photos ??

  27. VickiLee1967 says:

    Thanks I feel confident now to set up my galleries cheers Vicki

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