16 March 2015
Learn Wordpress
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How to Learn WordPress – Host Setup


Learning how to use WordPress can be and is mind blowing, the problem is that we dive too quickly into it, that we can lost and confused. I remember my first experience when I encountered a plug-in (which is simply an attachment) I found myself very angry and upset as I was looking for my execution file (.exe) for my program I had just bought and later (a year in fact!) I discovered I had to set up an account before I could use the Plug-in.


I build my videos from my own suffering, mistakes and experiences and by no doubt us non-geek folks get lost and the most complicated thing for me in the beginning was setting up my wordpress with my host account. That is what this video is about and will guide you step by step.


To learn how wordpress works you should have a domain and a host account and it would be advisable to have them in the same account. In general, most hosts, the ones that I am familiar with use a standard control panel once you log into your host account. When logging into your host account ensure that when you are copying and pasting that the highlighted text is flush before copying as due to security the logins are very case sensitive.


To begin you would have to “add the domain” using the add domain icon, when doing this it is important that you don’t put www. Just simply type your domain as “yourdomain.com/.net/.org” Once you have added your domain you can then use the “fantastico” icon and you will have a wordpress option on the right menu bar, just add new installation.


How to learn setup for wordpress you must first select the domain you would like it too, as a first timer you would only have one option. Don’t play with the directory settings (this is for advanced users). For your user don’t call it “admin” as this is a hackers gift, be unique. Your password must be strong, use weird characters (password generating tool would be advised). Without mentioning it would be strongly advisable to make records of your user and password as this will be needed to login into your dashboard.


Your admin nickname is your preference to what you will be referred to as an administrator. The email address is important as this is where you will receive confirmations and later comments etc. Learn how to setup wordpresss correctly as the title and description will be the details of your website. Don’t panic as you have options to edit this once set up.


Then all you have to do is click the “install WordPress” button, you will then receive an administration login url path, it is simply “yourdomain.com/wp-login.php” you will have to follow this path to login into your dashboard, with the user and password you saved.


It is difficult to explain on paper, that is why I have put this step by step video together.video together. It is far easier to learn how to use wordpress by following on-screen visual guidance.

Guidance to learning wordpress. howtoworkseo.net I hope this has got your wordpress live. For a full worpress video training guide visit WordPress Central Station Video training

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