3 March 2015
Wordpress Set Up
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How to Set Up The Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress (2014)

How to Set Up The Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress Step by Step. You can see the step by step text at http://glenandrewsonline.com/how-to-set-up-yoast-seo-plugin/
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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If you want to learn wordpress, this is the step by step video tutorial that you want to use.

It shows you how to install wordpress, change themes, make salespage and all that you need to start making money with it…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 responses on “How to Set Up The Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress (2014)

  1. Nick King says:

    I cant seem to change the description of my articles when I post on my
    Facebook and idea why? Google plus seems to work.

  2. Tom Dupuis says:

    Here’s an updated tutorial for anyone interested. The post itself ranks in
    the top results for it’s keyword (Yoast SEO Plugin Settings):

  3. Vance Athena Oúrea says:

    Thanks so much for the video. You did a really great job.

  4. SucreSansboutiqueTV says:

    very helpful

  5. Luna Bail says:

    Should I click on the “create robots.txt file” button after I’m done
    building my pages… I will not be posting much these will be static pages?

  6. Michael Matarrese says:


  7. Daniel Tortoledo says:

    Hi Glen,
    Thank you very much for your help.
    There is just one thing that happened after I followed all the steps
    Check it out.
    There is something about Warning: Missing argument etc…
    Why is that happening?

  8. Gabrielle Marquette says:

    Why did you skip the titles and descriptions? I really need help with that
    part. The other info was helpful.

  9. Let's Build WordPress says:

    Nice video!

  10. Jovanna Recine says:

    hm the voice is a bit low? I am just wondering if you teach with a certain
    hosting company, then will it not be different if you choose another
    hosting company? There are can be many topics that are common but frankly I
    still do not know where I will host.
    let me know please? thanks

  11. Jovanna Recine says:

    don’t you think that it is better to pay for a wordpress template? when I
    first started, I got stuck so many times but now I hope it will be better..

  12. Rajeev Kistoo says:

    I strongly believe that knowing how to build a website or how to use online
    tools to blog is an edge for any entrepreneur. It has taken me lots of
    hours to master this skill and it has paid off with lots of $$ over the
    past 7 years that I have been running my online business.

    I have created a series of videos ( couple of years back ) to teach you
    everything you need to know about how to put up your own site WITHOUT
    LEARNING ANY CODING. Comments and questions welcome.

    Hit : Day 1 -Learn WordPress – Step by Step WordPress Setup for beginners

  13. Jayantilal Prajapati says:

    Superb vedios Rajeev, Thanks

  14. sparrow gajjar says:

    Nice tutorial, Try this one also..

    Best #Email #Marketing Services For Webmasters

  15. Kamil Karadeniz says:
  16. Rajeev Kistoo says:

    yes get in touch on skype, add rajeev.kistoo

  17. Rajeev Kistoo says:

    @scheherazade526 mauritian

  18. Gustavo Bernal says:

    This video is very helpful but i’m sill confused. I bought my domain with
    wordpress and i’m trying to link with analytics but for that, I understand
    that I have to install wordpress somewhere in order to have plugins and
    stuff. I would really appreciate you could help me 🙂

  19. MIGHTYcbu says:

    trough all your rattling at the beginning, could i summarize it like this:
    you buy your domain at a domain-registrar then you install the WordPress
    plug-in at hostingprovider via a control-panel then you can edit your page
    from the hostingprovider.

  20. Blue_Eyed_Devil says:

    Thank you so much…. great easy explanations.

  21. YeahCan Web Design says:

    Wow, this tutorial taught me quite a bit.

  22. Taylor Davy says:

    @marianoraco hola, mi primer idioma es ingles pero hablo espanol. el
    persono quien haga el video diga a ti que no habla espanol pero el puede
    responder a tu pregunta en ingles. espero que me entiendes bien! 🙂

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