18 March 2015
Wordpress Set Up
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How to Setup WordPress Multisite

This WordPress tutorial was designed to guide you step-by-step through the setup of MultiSite. For more information, tutorials and assistance with WordPress, MultiSite and BuddyPress visit: http://wpmu.org/
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How To Set Up Your Navigation Menu In WordPress

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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16 responses on “How to Setup WordPress Multisite

  1. Admir Mehmedović says:

    Thank you for easy tutorial

  2. Andrey Rudnitsky says:

    What do you use for your screen capture?

  3. Reza Pasdari says:

    have spent long time surfing many blogs and forums but nothings has solved
    my problem with installing wpmu except your brilliant way of switching
    regular WordPress to mu, thanks dude

  4. Aradhana Chauhan says:

    during click on networksetup i get Warning: Please
    @wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin_status=active before enabling the Network
    feature. i have to deactivate all plugins? if yes then is it possible to go
    without deactivate current plugins then guide me.

  5. Bascettaescobar10 says:

    Bendito seas.

  6. Luke Seven says:

    The best and the most straight forward WordPress Multisite tutorial
    video…Thank you

  7. Alpesh Prajapati says:

    plzz hel me
    when i setup a networrk then second admin dashboad is cant open pleaseee
    help me
    what shoul be error there??
    its urgent

  8. dim gomez says:

    What about if i wat a multisite network but not with sub domain, but with
    domains.. site1.com site2.com site3.com all in the same wordpress
    instalation? so i can manage all those sites?

  9. Ahmed Sharaf says:

    Great overview, thank you!

  10. WP Plugin Directory says:

    How to Setup #WordPress Multisite +WPMU DEV 

  11. basall1978 says:

    Hi there, Great video however I have a quick question if that’s ok. I
    already had one site setup prior to setting up multisite. Now when I go to
    My Sites I can still see and visit my old site which sites on the root
    domain, it all works fine. However, I’ve added a new site within a
    subdomain which I can view but cannot access i.e. when I click on Dashboard
    for this new site WP simply times out. Is there another step I need to
    carry out within WP or in relation to my original Database? i.e. has WP got
    confused because I already had one site installed on the root? Any advice
    would be very much appreciated, thank you!

  12. Codingbank says:

    Please give me complete tutorial, it is not complete video.

  13. Art Di Segna says:

    Thanks for the video and clear explanation for installing multi-site. If I
    use the Domain Mapping plugin how would that effect the SEO for the sites? 

  14. Haim Avraham says:

    I have 2 domains installed on my localhost, and I want to install
    multi-site now to add a couple more domains. How do I do that without
    deleting my 2 existing domains? Thanks.

  15. You Started For a Reason! says:

    I “LIKED” it before even watching it….THAT is how confident I am in
    Chelsea’s message.

  16. John Velasquez says:

    Very helpful video, thank you so much for creating it

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