26 June 2015
Wordpress News
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IT 打雜的心路歷程:WordPress 佈景主題設定全紀錄– 建立第一個網站選單

News: Plurk lists Second Life as a country!
Wordpress News
Image by moggs oceanlane
Social network, Plurk, lists Second Life as a country – providing hundreds of second life (and World of Warcraft) users an easier way to locate one another.

This is a first for social networks. Plurk is a real life network as opposed to an avatar network and – as far as I’m aware – it’s the first to list a virtual world as a country.

Considering that many people appear on the web as avatars of one form or another, this seems like a logical progression for social networks (for instance there are a lot of people from Second Life, World of Warcraft, THERE and other online environments participating on social networks as their avatar in order to keep up with their selected communities… so why not allow them to list themselves as such somewhere in their profile?).

I am one person in multiple environments and consider myself a global citizen, an Australian and a Second Lifer. I use my Moggs accounts primarily for Second Life purposes and have separate accounts for work and personal so listing my location as Second Life rather than Australia is, perhaps, more meaningful in this context.

Second Life and Wow – Countries on Plurk Flickr group

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IT 打雜的心路歷程:WordPress 佈景主題設定全紀錄– 建立第一個網站選單
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