11 July 2016
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Fiddling with the course of human events…
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Image by Cate Storymoon
"And so, once again,
my dear Johnny, my old friend,
And so, once again
You are fighting us all.
And when I ask you why,
You raise your sticks and cry,
And I fall.
Oh, my friend,
How did you come
To trade the fiddle
for the drum?"
The Lady Joni Mitchell

I’m late to the parade, but in my neighborhood the bombs are still bursting in air. (and waking my grandchildren, thank you very much… but I digress)

Anyone who wants to refresh their memory on the US Declaration of Independence, or learn anew, it’s here:
When in the course of human events…

I will be blogging this very soon here: Suburban Halfling in Virtual Paradise

The perfect pose is by LouLou Teichmann of Bauhaus Movement

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