1 March 2015
WordPress Tutorial
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Sexual assault complaints on the rise at KU
She says every incoming student must complete an alcohol tutorial to explain the link between alcohol and sexual violence. “They were concerned that the training wasn't mandatory so that we maybe weren't reaching all the students, we are changing that, …
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Hungry? Check out KFC's latest food abomination, the “Double Down Dog”
It's a hot dog, drizzled with cheese sauce, stuffed inside a bun made out of fried chicken. It's a new take on KFC's “Double Down” — a sandwich that contains bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese and the Colonel's secret sauce wedged between two …
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Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo's New Toy Figurines
… together for yourself. The figures themselves sell in informationally blank receptacles, exhorting you to simply “collect, customize, and compete.” They don't come with instructions, nor do the games they're designed to initially work with offer …
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