12 March 2015
Learn Wordpress
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Learn WordPress – Review of ‘The WordPress Classroom’

When starting off as a newbie internet marketer, there are many elements that you have to learn and put into place; product creation, list building, joint ventures to name a few. There is so much to learn and understand that newbies often feel overwhelmed and frustrated. After all, nobody taught us about blogging, or product creation when we at school.

I started my Internet journey by signing up to Alex Jeffrey’s Internet Marketing coaching course along with more than 300 others.

Not everyone on the course was a newbie. There were also some very skillful and experienced people, one of which was Matt Wolfe. Matt is an avid blogger and well known in blogging communities.

He understood the importance of niche communities and set about helping people learn how to build a blog. This was done by answering questions on the coaching course forum, direct emails or by leaving comments on student’s blogs, as they were evolving.

Matt became the field expert, the person people turned to when they couldn’t figure things out. His understanding of the subject and the calm manner in which he was able to resolve issues was outstanding.

The sheer volume of email requests for answers to the same questions along with the feeling of pain and frustration that was expressed in those emails led Matt to create a series of ‘how to’ videos.

There are currently 52 videos within ‘The WordPress Classroom’ library, that allows you to learn WordPress, but that number is growing on a daily basis. Each video clip walks the viewer from start to finish, explaining exactly how to do a particular task and being a video, offers the benefit of allowing the user to pause the video and action the task in real time.

(Tasks are suitable for both beginners and intermediate users who are looking to create or enhance their WordPress blog. Membership content includes full details on how to set up a WordPress blog, change theme, add widgets, twitter modules, Google analytics as well as tactics to generate traffic).

The WordPress Classroom is not only a useful resource, but it is also a new social networking community for bloggers to exchange tips and generate traffic.

Everyone needs traffic and by creating a niche community with common interests Matt has been able to assist in the generation of traffic for all members who sign up to join.

Members are actively encouraged to ‘oil rig hop’, engage and leave comments on other member’s blogs. In doing so, enabling back links to be created and encourage visitors to your site, which means traffic.

John Tanner


Multi video tutorial walking users through launching and optimizing a website for visitors as well as the search engines. This video covers usage of the Yoast SEO plugin.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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