Markit Media Adds Full IT Service and Support Suite to the Expansion

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Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

Markit Media is excited to announce its expansion into IT services. In addition to its original, exceptional business marketing tools, supplies and skills, Markit Media now provides existing and new clientele with a full complement of computer and technical support. The evolution heightens its’ status as one of Arizona’s’ most comprehensive business support teams.

Today’s competitive business world requires every company to be on the front line of IT developments and innovations. However, most companies are appropriately busy focusing on their core services and products. Many companies have determined that hiring an outside provider for IT services is an excellent investment, allowing them to retain their focus on their bottom line while the IT provider keeps them ahead of evolving IT trends.

The expansion into IT services is a logical step for Markit Media. Already the master of digital media management with its web design, graphics and print services, the addition of complete computer support, backup and disaster recovery and email services is a natural progression. The new services also include:

*Computer and workstation support, to keep staff connected;

*Antivirus/Antispam controls to keep the entire system safe;

*Server monitoring, to ensure company and client data are easily accessible and safely protected;

*Analytics, to capture and evaluate relevant corporate and client data, and

*24/7/365 service, maintenance and troubleshooting, to ensure every client is free to pursue their internal goals with no interference from technological glitches or failures.    

Markit Media is also happy to train staff on new processes and procedures so that the IT investment demonstrates an excellent ROI as quickly as possible.

Until now, Markit Media has been providing excellent business support to Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding towns with their digital and print marketing tools and services. Their expert staff already masters a dizzying array of technologies, including JavaScript, Flash, Linux, and WordPress. The graphics department creates stunning print materials that can then be easily uploaded onto the digital storefront and app. Utilizing SEO and social media strategies, Markit Media assists its corporate customers to launch and manage their digital presence. Adding financial programming, inventory and client tracking services, and advanced customer communications with eNewsletters and eBooks, Markit Media has already established itself as the corporate marketing resource for Arizona.    

Combining marketing capacity with technology oversight means Markit Media can offer its’ customer end-to-end media services, from creation and launch of images and strategies, through innovations and evolution, with a consistent overlay of protection and security. Businesses can focus on their core strengths and assets, knowing that they need make only one call to add a product line, train new staff or maintain continuity through unexpected challenges.

As always, Markit Media offers free consultations to new customers. Be sure to ask for a tour through the gallery, and a presentation of their custom web/cards/flyers packages.

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