14 July 2015
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New and Dynamic WordPress Powered Website Exclusive to Religious Bloggers

London, England (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

Dubbed as the WordPress for religion, Godinterest.org is a free weblog publishing tool for sharing text, photos and video. The website is powered by WordPress and boasts a number of exciting themes, optimized features and unique plug-ins designed to make the user experience as pleasant and as appealing as possible.

Although powered by WordPress, Godinterest.org has a few built-in features that users will not see on their regular WordPress account. Some of the plug-ins featured on the website include: Wikis which enables users to transform their blog into a powerful, easy to use Wikis, Jetpack for sharing posts with multiple social networks and Mobile Blogging for those who prefer to blog on the go.

Created by devout Christian, Dean Jones, the mission of Godinterest is to promote freedom of expression and inspire faith. Jones’ creation of the website was in response to the long standing quest of millions of believers to get heard. Now, through this dynamic website, users can spread the message of the good news.

When asked what distinguishes his website from other blogging platforms, Jones said: “Godinterest.org gives occasion to a whole new set of conversations about religion in public life and represents the possibility of a common conversation among a diverse set of voices.” 

Since its launch, the response to the new website has been overwhelming. Greta O. said: “Godinterest.org looks really good and interesting. It would be great if you let me try to write something for it.” Another fan of the website said: “I’ve looked over the Godinterest website and it looks really fascinating.”

Aside from the individual blogger, Godinterest was designed with educators and students in mind. The website has special accounts for these individuals and with unique plug-ins such as Wikis and themes such as Chalkboard; the learning process is bound to be more exciting.

Operating under the motto to ‘Love people, Inspire Minds, Teach Hearts and Embrace Life’, the website has amassed a huge following since its launch. Through the hundreds of bloggers that have created accounts, Godinterest is achieving its mission to inspire faith, one blog post at a time.

For further information or to create an account, visit: http://godinterest.org/

Media Contact: Dean Jones

Telephone: +44(0)7939024086

Support: http://help.godinterest.org

Email: admin(at)godinterest.org

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