23 July 2015
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New Online Course From Marketing Mojo Shows How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Charlottesville, Va. (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm update, unofficially deemed “Mobilegeddon,” launched officially on April 21, 2015, causing many websites to see reduced mobile search rankings leading to lost mobile site traffic. With this new update, Google is penalizing websites it deems to be not “mobile-friendly.” It is estimated that 40 percent of Fortune 500 websites are not optimized for mobile and are likely affected by the update, according to research from TechCrunch.

Webmasters and marketers the world over are now feeling the effects of the update, as well as feeling the heat over what to do about it. Full-service digital marketing agency Marketing Mojo has announced a new online training course in its recently launched Mojo Academy, designed to help people whose websites have been negatively impacted by the mobile algorithm update. The course is called “Help – My Mobile Traffic Has Fallen! How to Recover from Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update.

“Mobile search has been on the rise for the last few years. Many companies, such as online retailers, report that as much as half or more of their website traffic today is from mobile search. During the Thanksgiving holiday in 2014, Walmart reported that upwards of 70 percent of their site traffic was from mobile devices,” says Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO of Marketing Mojo, who also teaches the course. “According to IBM, sales through mobile devices for the 2014 holiday season reached 22.6% of all online sales. Given the new reality of how mobile devices impact site traffic and sales, organizations really cannot afford to lose this search traffic from mobile visitors.

“I want them to know, however, that all is not lost – there is a way to get back into Google’s good graces! That’s the purpose of this course – there is a way to fix a website that is the victim of Mobilegeddon. And the good news is that Google is reindexing pages on a real time basis, so the sooner the problem is fixed, the sooner you can begin to regain your mobile rankings.”

Key takeaways students will learn from the course include:

What Google’s mobile algorithm update is
How to conclude if traffic losses are from the mobile update
How to figure out if a website is mobile-friendly to Google
How to determine which specific pages on a website need to be fixed
How to make a WordPress site mobile-friendly

The course is recorded and available on demand, so students may take it anytime they want and at their leisure.

“Help – My Mobile Traffic Has Fallen! How to Recover from Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update” costs $ 29 for a 30-minute course, and is available through online learning platform Udemy.

About Marketing Mojo

Marketing Mojo is a full-service, data-driven online marketing and demand generation agency. Originally founded in 2005 as Search Mojo, Marketing Mojo has evolved its core services to adapt to the ever-changing needs and challenges of marketers – helping them to achieve their online marketing goals through search marketing, paid media, content marketing and marketing automation. With experience in a wide range of digital marketing disciplines, the Marketing Mojo team uses the latest information and techniques to help companies maximize the sales funnel and get the highest quality results based on their goals. For more information, visit Marketing Mojo at marketing-mojo.com or read the Marketing Mojo blog at marketing-mojo.com/blog.

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