9 March 2016
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Plugin Facebook Instant Articles, in arrivo il plugin ufficiale WordPress

Hearts in a New Dimension 2014: Visual Art Animation (view in HD if at all possible)
Wordpress Plug In
Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
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Note 1/24/2015 – Back to Christian Design and Video Share blog page you might have found this on: wp.me/p4j5rv-4h
Note: 1/6/2015 – This week I’m finally putting this in Flicker groups. If you came here from my Word Press blog, this will take you back to it:

Have I mentioned I love hearts? To draw them, to digitally play with them???? (I put the how-to below) ‘Tis always the season…
I include the final still frame in comments. It is available via Creative Commons, as is the video is as well. For either one of them, no derivatives or commercial use. Thanks so much…………………Mimi
With a little over 350 original created frames, this little a-little-over-a-minute visual art/video animation posted on Flickr by moi entitled (You guessed it!) "Hearts in a New Dimension 2014" gets your blood pumping. I just love to play with hearts! I include a picture link to the final frame of it in the first comment, as well as a picture link to my other heart animation videos.

My other heart animation videos on Flickr can be found here: www.flickr.com/photos/mimitalks/sets/72157629230807041/wi…

Notes to those interested in the how-to: All drawn and digital work (including the knitted-look backdrops frames) were done by moi with Paint Shop Pro 6, (originally made by JASC, later sold to Corel) honest, and the visual art/video/animation put-together and music were done with the capabilities of Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate and holding my mouth right. Except for the basic fade transition, all effects of lighting, rotation, "punch", perspective and dimension were created with how I put the frames one after the other. Example: At the end I just duplicated the frame, made it smaller, duplicated again, made it smaller – you get the picture. Or will – if you haven’t viewed this yet! Timing was done by me as well – which is half the battle when doing this. One great thing I love about Pinnacle (product by Avid – and no, I don’t work for them) is that if you use the music that comes with it, the program can adjust the music to how fast the frames run – so you don’t have a song cut-off in mid stream. Even with that capability, though, you have to carefully choose music that "fits" the mood you are trying to create. You can use music of your own (lots available via Creative Commons on the web), but you have to choose the end of it yourself.

About the Paint Shop Pro version I use: This is one of the first versions of the program. I originally bought Paint Shop Pro 5 (for about way back in 1999, I think) on the advice of an online friend who did consulting for Microsoft and reviewed programs. I loved it, but was still very much a fledgling in the use of it. Within a few months that same friend sent me a promo code for a coupon to upgrade to vs. 6 (which you can see I still have) for bucks. That is the best eight dollars I’ve ever spent! I have 2 higher versions and do use those occasional for plug-ins, tubes I like, etc. but always use 6 as my mainstay. It is the easiest to use, pure and simple, (the higher versions still read it, though online help is gone since the company changed hands and you can no longer buy it new), and I still don’t use all of its capabilities! Why? ‘Cause I’ve never been formally trained. I learned by doing, and am still learning. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized I could have done something easier all this time, when Paint Shop pro held the capability to do it that way and I just didn’t realize it. Like I said, I’m still learning. This is my catharsis for all the "joys" and tensions of being 55 with a much-loved family – a hubby working 12-hour shifts, a fifteen-year-old next month still-deep-in-puberty girl teen still at home and another offspring (also still at home) who is an "adult" (his words, not mine) 🙂 As a child, I used my free time to draw and attire "ladies", while creating their life stories. Now I do this.

Plugin Facebook Instant Articles, in arrivo il plugin ufficiale WordPress
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