22 June 2015
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Poll: Who was best-dressed at the prom last week?

WordCamp Whistler 09 Sketchnotes
Wordpress Plug in
Image by somenice
WordCamp Whistler Jan. 24 2009. Assorted sketches / random thoughts and doodles while I wasn’t on my laptop.

For actual Whistler photos try my Whistler set www.flickr.com/photos/somenice/sets/72157622380378995/

Poll: Who was best-dressed at the prom last week?
New Jersey prom season is winding down, but the gentlemen and ladies continue to show off great style. Here are some of the looks that caught our eye at proms last week. Upvote the outfits you like best. Prom best-dressed voting will be open until …
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WordPress-Sicherheitslücken schließen – so geht's
Die aktive Community macht das Projekt zum Selbstläufer, denn es gibt Themes und ein Plug-in-System, das WordPress mit wenig Aufwand aus einem Fundus von rund 20 000 Plugins erweitern kann. Genau diese Flexibilität, die WordPress mit Themes und …
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