2 March 2015
Wordpress Set Up
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Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress

Learn to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website.
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How To: Setup PayPal With WooCommerce - WordPress Tutorial

This video is meant for customers who have purchased a website package from http://HypedVisual.com. This is a quick video on how to set up the basics for PayPal as a payment gateway in your WooCommerce plugin.

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22 responses on “Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress

  1. Katelyn Edgar says:

    Thank you SO MUCH! 

  2. Laura Navickaite says:

    Problem solved ! thanks x

  3. farhana easmin says:

    Thanks very helpfull

  4. Mirshad2012 says:

    You are awesome, thanks for quick and useful tutorial!


  5. Amrapali Satpute says:

    Thanks a lot forum this video

  6. aparajit thirukonda says:

    thank . 

  7. Nick Thomson says:


  8. Amrapali Satpute says:

    Thanks a lot for this video

  9. Lee Johnson says:


  10. James Hood says:

    Great Vid Thanks

  11. bonzihunter says:

    how many days does it take for google to register ur site? I did exactly
    what you said and it’s been 2 days and still nothing :(

  12. S D Butcher says:

    OMG thank you!!! I have been struggling with this for 2 hours now! THANK
    YOU !!!!!! Worked PERFECTLY!!!!

  13. BeachEdgePools says:

    Great stuff……..thanks

  14. Passion And Fruit says:

    thanks for this! :)

  15. makedaevilmage says:

    Is there a way to test if my Paypal is working? I’ve had some problems with
    my email address in the Paypal checkout. i’m not sure email to put in for
    Paypal email and Receiver email.

  16. Katie McGregor says:

    Thanks! I had wasted a lot of time trying to read both Woocommerce and
    Paypal “Help” – and you explained it in minutes

  17. David Spruill says:

    Thank you so much very helpful.

  18. Nick Hanington says:

    Thanks so much for that. Great tutorial


    just what I needed, thanks!

  20. Bradley Mash says:

    So this does not require a merchant account? This will work with a standard
    business account?

  21. misszizette says:

    Thanks that helps a lot!!

  22. Raffinement Francophone says:

    thanks a lot!

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