13 March 2015
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WordPress Self-Hosted Blogs ? Part 1 ? How to Create a Page

by UH Manoa Library These step are based on the WordPress 2.7 version, which is the newest version to date. CREATING A NEW POST 1. New Post button: Click on the New Post button and then type in your title in the title field. Titles are seen in summaries on RSS feeds, so it is […]

7 March 2015
Wordpress Set Up
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How to set up a Custom Home Page in WordPress

In this WordPress Tutorial I cover step by step, how to set up a custom home page in WordPress for Free! Make sure you have the free theme installed in your WordPress installation before you start with this video. The Theme is called Artificer and it is free at http://woothemes.com. Here is my tutorial on […]

6 February 2015
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How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template

There may be times when you want to create a blog page or that looks different than a normal page. Or Perhaps you want to use WordPress to run your entire website but want the main page of your domain to look completely different than a typical blog. This is an easy way to customize […]