21 June 2016
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Building a Business Empire Around Social Media Using Twitter and WordPress to Build Your Brand

by DES Daughter Social media has the potential to change how you think about doing business. No longer are blogs and micro-blogs filled with people babbling on about what they ate for breakfast or which flight they missed at LAX. Those people exist still but have little to no following. Those thought leaders that “get […]

28 February 2015
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Twitter Now Has An Official WordPressPlugin

Twitter Now Has An Official WordPress Plugin “We created this plugin to serve the common needs of most modern publishers while allowing for extensibility and WordPress API integrations by other WordPress plugins or site-specific customizations,” says Twitter developer advocate Niall Kennedy. “All … Read more on WebProNews FCC Passes Strict Net Neutrality Regulations On 3-2 […]

7 February 2013
Social Marketing
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Auto post WordPress blog to your social network

Why pay when you can get them for free? Many websites have popped up recently to address the need to stay updated on all your social sharing accounts. This is a great service as it can take quite some time to keep everything updated. Now you can post to your WordPress blog and automatically get […]