6 October 2016
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Using WordPress Website Templates ? Gives Your Website A Better Look

by Moyan_Brenn If you are just starting to build your new website, using WordPress website templates makes it more manageable and easier for you. While you can select from a number of available templates and platforms, still using WordPress is the best web design option in terms of usability and presentation. As businessmen are trying […]

15 September 2016
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Have You Considered Using WordPress For Your Small Business Website?

by Moyan_Brenn Even if you run a bricks and mortar store, having a small business website is extremely important. There are many people that search for things online and then go out on the town and shop locally for what they found. I understand that you are on a budget with little time to spare, […]

24 August 2016
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How To Make Money From Home Using WordPress Blogs

by Moyan_Brenn Everyone of us has wants. Most of us want things. With a few it will be something they need to achieve or even to do. Some times it can be a thing that you want to have or own. In other cases there is something we would like to be or learn to […]

28 July 2016
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Using WordPress in Creating a Website

by Ed Yourdon As the popular proverb says, “We must keep up with the times to ensure excellence.” This saying can be readily applied to what we are experiencing nowadays. The modern technology we are now enjoying has really made our lives easier. Perhaps the most defining invention this century has is the birth of […]

21 July 2016
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WordPress Blogging Tip – Get Known in a Huge Way Using Social Networks

by DES Daughter Get your WordPress blog known quickly and in a huge way by using  the Social Networks – like Twitter and Facebook. You can have your posts go automatically to both so your friends and followers will be alerted when you have posted something new.  Use Twitter Tools in your WordPress blog to […]

20 July 2016
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WordPress Website: Create Your Own Website Using WordPress

by DES Daughter Creating website with the help of wordpress is the easiest and fastest way to create qualitative websites. It is so easy for a wordpress developer to create and manage the website in very short span of time. Moreover, for wordpress web design and development, there is no such requirement of deep knowledge […]

21 June 2016
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Building a Business Empire Around Social Media Using Twitter and WordPress to Build Your Brand

by DES Daughter Social media has the potential to change how you think about doing business. No longer are blogs and micro-blogs filled with people babbling on about what they ate for breakfast or which flight they missed at LAX. Those people exist still but have little to no following. Those thought leaders that “get […]

18 March 2016
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Funio Launches First WordPress Hosting Service Using Container Technology

Funio Launches First WordPress Hosting Service Using Container Technology … MONTREAL, Feb. 22, 2016 /CNW/ — Funio, part of Internap Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP), a provider of powerful, safe and managed hosting solutions, today announced the availability of its Managed WordPress Hosting solution, a new generation of web … Read more on Canada NewsWire (press release) 5 […]

12 February 2016
Wordpress Support
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WordPress Sites Can Now Improve Performance by 60% by Using ScientiaMobile's

WordPress Sites Can Now Improve Performance by 60% by Using ScientiaMobile's … ImageEngine combines mobile device detection with automatic resizing, optimal file format conversion, HTTP/2 and Client Hints support, and cached delivery. The WP ImageEngine plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory, or simply … Read more on PR Newswire (press release) 9 reasons […]

24 February 2015
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Using a WordPress Blog in Your Website Design

by UH Manoa Library Some business owners start blogs to increase the amount of content on their website while others begin with a blog. To maximize the online impact and ability to make money with your website you need both static content (information that doesn’t change much) and content that is updated regularly (news, specials, […]