7 October 2016
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WordPress Help – How to Add a YouTube Video to Your Blog

by Moyan_Brenn Have you tried adding YouTube videos to your blog? If you haven’t, try it. YouTube videos add value to your content. They make your website more interactive, and they anticipate the needs of your audience. Even if you do not know for a fact that your website has visitors with very short attention […]

6 March 2015
Wordpress Beginner
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WordPress tutorials for beginners or how to install WP | WordPress video training

Read more about the installation process by visiting the page of this video lesson – http://tutorials7.com/installation-of-wordpress-on-a-new-site.html Learn how to install WordPress on your web site. There are 2 ways of doing this – easy one and the easiest one! Two ways of installing WordPress on your site: 1. Download the WordPress installation package from the […]

19 February 2015
Wordpress Training
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WordPress Tutorial | How To Make A Website Properly With WordPress | Step By Step Video Training

http://websitesmadeeasy.tv/recomends/ProperWordPressSetup This WordPress Tutorial for beginners step by step video will show you how to make a website properly! Learn how to PROPERLY build a WordPress Website that is optimized correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that will ultimately drive more traffic & customers to your site with basically nothing but free tools! http://websitesmadeeasy.tv/recomends/ProperWordPressSetup […]