25 February 2015
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Understanding WordPress Themes

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This is a detailed overview on how to understand and control WordPress themes. This video should give you the tools and information you need to understand any WordPress theme.
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19 responses on “Understanding WordPress Themes

  1. ug mold says:

    Thanks for the overview.

  2. jinkoo vogel says:

    Well done Tyler!! Clear presentation.

  3. Kim Rhodes says:

    Hi Tyler,
    You’re videos are excellent!

  4. Dean Henderson says:

    Hello Tyler, got to say after watching your most informative video, I have
    to say that you done a great job explaining the world of themes. Suddenly I
    am not so scared of them now! Great stuff.

  5. Martina Lucija says:

    Thank You Tyler for this amazing step by step video , you did upgrade my
    knowledge on about WordPress Themes for about 100% ;)

  6. Jeff Carlson says:

    Really nice presentation Tyler, Thank you. Comfortable to watch and listen
    to. You did a very good job of explaining the flexible nature of the
    different theme designs and let the viewers understand that some
    experimentation and exploration is part of the process. Nice work.

  7. iliyaz ahmed says:

    thank you tyler.. good job

  8. Gordon Dewar says:

    Hi Tyler love your video’s and follow your every word step by step with no
    step skipped,,,,,and then weeks later I want to change something or start a
    new site and of course I don’t remember exactly how to do everything nor do
    I remember exactly which video of yours I was watching or where on that
    video I would find what I was looking for,and some of your videos are an
    hour long.I was thinking if you could break your videos down into more
    specialized topics.This would be really helpful if I wasn’t using one of
    your recommended themes and just wanted to know that little trick you
    showed with lets say a widget plugin,instead of watching a whole video
    going back and forth,I could watch a much smaller video with the
    information I wanted.Also I had to laugh I watched a few other newer videos
    from your competitors and they all repeat every word in the exact same
    order as you lol step by step with no step skipped.Anyways thanks for all
    your help so far and keep up the good work.

  9. weerayut bom says:

    This video is absolutely useful, Thanks

  10. Tom Roche says:

    Hi Tyler,
    You are a great communicator/instructor. Thank you very much for your
    excellent videos. Great work-well done!

  11. Donna Richards says:

    Tyler thank you. I have gone through over 20 tutorials, this is the first
    time I’ve heard about the theme documentation. I purchased the “Delicate”
    theme and I’m having a time of my life understanding and wrapping my head
    around the theme.
    Tyler you covered more features than any other tutorial covered. You said
    your tutorials are more organized and easier to follow, I’ll be spending
    time reviewing this tutorial again, then I’ll be going through your other
    Tyler again thank you for putting together a Fantastic body of work. 

  12. DIGI3COM says:

    That is cool bro !
    this is the best 30 minutes i spent learning WP so far 🙂
    you have a really good presentation skills ;)

  13. rpashoukos says:

    This is really good Tyler, it helped me a ton, thanks.

  14. James Warren says:

    Thank you so much for your time and effort.

  15. Philippine Outsourcer says:

    Themes are important element of a website. It’s in the design(partly) of
    the website that the visitors wants to come back to your website again.
    Thanks for sharing useful tips Tyler! Great points!

  16. Abner Meneses says:

    Thank you very much for this Tyler.. It helps me a lot, including your
    other videos..

  17. Mann G says:

    Nice video. ..which security plug in do you recommend or use fir yiur own
    projects for wp sites…Thanks man

  18. Toni Wolf says:

    Hoe werkt WordPress !

  19. Xristos Vaxevanos says:

    how old is the dog i think is hasky!!! nice video by the way help me a lot

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