9 October 2016
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WordPress- A Full Fledged Content Management System


by PixelCrayons

One Content Management platform which is used and liked by everyone is WordPress. Reasons being its easy to use features and functionality due to which it has acquired a huge user-base. Before WordPress 3.0, it was considered as the best blogging platform. But after the arrival of WordPress 3.0, the tag of “best blogging platform and unfit for making fully-functional websites” is removed from WordPress. It has emerged as a boon to all non geeks in the world of web designing. Though there are many other free and paid CMS available in the market but using WordPress solutions can improve user’s online experience. We have enlisted few factors that why we should prefer to use WordPress than other CMS:

1) It is completely free of cost. In the initial stages of business, cost cutting strategy looks pretty good, so using WordPress as CMS can really prove cost effective while getting your work done by the best of CMS. The money saved here, can be invested in other services like website design and development.

2) It has an easy to use interface for which you don’t need to hire HTML programmers. Rather, it can be easily handled and managed by staff members of the organization. To work on this, you do not require knowledge of HTML or any other kind of coding.

3) WP provides you with an extended scope of customization. You can customize settings according to your business needs. For instance, Scheduling Settings- With this, you can create and save content in advance and then can schedule it for publishing on any date. You don’t need to remember the date of publishing as the content will automatically get published on the scheduled date. Also it allows for privacy settings. This setting allows you to choose the extent to which you want to share information. Not just this, you can add media files like image, audio, video etc. in our post. Sometimes, it becomes an indispensable requirement to add these media files. In WordPress, it is very easy and quick to add multi-media files.

4) WordPress provides users as well as search engine friendly URLs. Your WP website is likely to be ranked higher in search engines. Higher rankings in search results means higher traffic to the website. Higher traffic means more hits by your customers. More customers, means more revenue.

5) WP is basically interactive in nature. Like visitors can post comments, provide feedback, participate in the community etc. This is an amazing and cool CMS which has a range of plugins and extensions which would do half of your job of managing the WP site/blog and makes you stress free.

WordPress has proved to be a boon especially for the non-geeks. It has made the task of managing the websites very easy. But you need to be careful while hiring WordPress solutions provider. Discuss all your business requirements with them on the first place and then see if they can deliver you the same.


[Source] Software Outsourcing Blog Section: http://www.unisoftchina.com ;http://www.techomechina.com

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