21 March 2015
Wordpress Design
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WordPress Blog Design Tips – Custom Headers & Plugins Part 1

http://deanethridge.com/blog-design-introduction/ Blog design is one of the most critical components of a WordPress blog. Find out how to create and upload a custom header, use plugins & widgets in your sidebar and much more to build a great blog!

Blog Design is one of the most important components of a good WordPress blog or website. Bad blog design will absolutely kill a site even if you have great content. Learn how to simply make an attractive blog site using free blogging tools for custom headers, free plugins from WordPress, and using Widgets in your sidebar.

WordPress blogs can be made to be beautiful but it starts with a good theme. Next is designing a custom header image for your blog. I recommend Powerpoint and Xheader for making simple attractive custom header images. You can also use fivver dot com and elance, or odesk as well pretty reasonably.
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Learn how to use WordPress to design and control your own website. Save literally thousands of dollars in web design fees because this video shows you how easy WordPress is to operate. This video is for absolute BEGINNERS.
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24 responses on “WordPress Blog Design Tips – Custom Headers & Plugins Part 1

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  6. Soufian Akrinjou says:

    are plugins free?

  7. Larrys mlmtips says:

    You did an awesome training for WordPress! I really enjoyed it and thanks
    for sharing!

  8. Adelaide SEO says:

    Thanks for the wordpress training. I love this.

  9. Sunnyvale SEO says:

    thanks for showing me around the wp admin area

  10. Jake Pranger says:

    great video!! I’m starting to do this stuff too. How did you get started?

  11. arvind singh Rajawat says:

    very nice

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