23 April 2016
Wordpress Beginner
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WordPress Installation Service

WordPress Installation Service
Premium Theme Fee Is Included In the Price? For Ultimate installation service YES! for Beginner and Professional services does not include premium WordPress theme. Per theme fees ($ 49-65) is around from ThemeForest marketplace.
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9 Ways To Become More Influential
Want to become more influential? Of course you do because making a difference matters. An often debated question. Perhaps your journey should begin with a quick examination of this statement: “In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in …
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Top Mistakes To Avoid During WordPress Development
Be specific with you needs, while choosing WordPress platform whether you want WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted installation. Due to lack of awareness, most of the beginners pick the wrong platform by mistake, and it is pretty common. To make most …
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Beginner's Guide: How To Start A Blog In 6 Easy Steps
Fr example, myrunningblog.wordpress.com. Self-hosted platforms: These cost money to set up and it takes a bit more time but they give you the freedom to make money from them through placing ads and you will pay for an own your own domain name such …
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