17 July 2015
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WordPress Maintenance and the Importance of Updates: Article Released by Carlsbad Web Design Agency RemedyOne


Today, Carlsbad web design and development agency RemedyOne released their article WordPress Maintenance: The Importance of Updates. As WordPress becomes more and more popular as a web design platform, it becomes exposed to more vulnerabilities and weaknesses which need to be addressed on a regular basis.

“The reason is simple:” says RemedyOne CEO Simon Hunter from his Carlsbad office. “The more people use WordPress for their sites, the more attractive a target it is for hackers and bots who attempt to gain access to websites and databases.”

According to Hunter, one of the main advantages of going with a framework like WordPress is that it is open source. That means there is a large community of dedicated developers constantly working to patch bugs and security holes in the system. It makes sense to take advantage of these incremental improvements, says Hunter.

“But, before website administrators click on ‘Update’, they should always have a developer standing by. Even better, they should have the developers perform updates on a test version of the website first,” says Hunter. He suggests doing this as part of a regular maintenance plan provided by a professional web developer.

The reason for having a development team standing by when doing updates to WordPress sites is to fix issues as they come up, and minimize costly and time-consuming down time or site outages. Often, the latest updates are not compatible with themes, plugins or other parts of websites and some programming is required to take advantage of the latest features.

Carlsbad web design agency RemedyOne was founded in 2000. They specialize in creating web and cloud-based solutions for businesses throughout San Diego County. Services include web design, e-commerce web development, PPC management, content creation, inbound marketing and SEO. For more information, visit http://www.remedyone.com.

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