5 March 2015
WordPress Themes
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WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

In this lesson we learn how to create a WordPress theme by hand, from scratch. We’ll write our own HTML, CSS, and PHP to create the basic foundation for a WordPress theme. Save 70% off my premium 8 hour HTML & CSS video course: https://www.udemy.com/web-design-for-beginners-real-world-coding-in-html-css/?couponCode=youtube-css-29

To view a complete list of the WordPress theme development lessons in sequential order visit:

Link to download .zip of theme files as shown in this video (note: this is not a “complete” WordPress theme yet and this download is only intended for educational purposes to dissect and review):


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Theme URLs:


Parallax by Themify


Demo: http://themes.webcreations907.com/ninezeroseven/option-two/?ref=Bretyboy








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16 responses on “WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

  1. Krista Prenesti says:

    Man. You have some really great tutorials, but I wish you would slow down
    just a bit. For instance, you no sooner type the closing bracket before
    you’re zooming out and on to something else. I’m following along, trying
    to make sure that my wording is the same as yours, but it would be so much
    easier if you would just slow down. I know I can rewatch this as many
    times as I need, but when things change so fast, trying to skip to just the
    right moment every time is exceptionally annoying. 

  2. Dylan Bell says:

    So how do you make a WordPress website actually come to life? Even after
    you edited code and everything it was still plain. Where is the logos and
    brand names? It’s like there is no theme. And would I have the option to
    fully create the website, add content, and get it fully ready to go before
    I pay for a domain and hosting? Or would I have to pay for a domain and
    hosting before I can even start on the website? 

  3. Raphaell Alexandre says:

    I have a doubt… Why did you put the echo word in front of the home_url(
    ) function in header.php and did not do the same thing with the_permalink(
    ) function in index.php? What’s the diference? I did realize that if I
    took off the echo word from front of home_url( ) in header.php, the link
    points to the same page (the href in the ‘a’ tag is empty). By the other
    hand, if I put the echo word in from of the_permalink( ) in index.php, the
    links points to where it’s suposed to be pointed (permalink of a post). In
    other words, it works normally. Can you enlighten me?

  4. Strych Nine says:

    at 12:19 you ‘include a section…’ without explaining how to do it. Im
    stuck here now because i tried writing the code out manually instead of
    doing what you did and it does not work

  5. Let's Build WordPress says:

    Great video, dude!

  6. Ivan Reljin says:

    Problem : Fatal error: Call to undefined function have_post() help?

  7. Jose Cervantes says:

    Very nice tutorial!

  8. jaymusmania88 says:

    Can you use this for the free version of WordPress? 

  9. Roman Lite says:

    thank you for the vid. Now I dont see the theme magically pop up in my list
    of themes (3:35). How do I get it there please?

  10. Christopher Haugen says:

    You have a tutorial making gift :o

  11. sudhakar phad says:

    hey man, i need more inside this like adding menu, sidebars,pags n posts
    wer r de? i didn’t found second part of dis tutorials pls help ?

  12. Beidi Yang says:

    Hi. Your tutorial is really helpful. And, can I create the second website
    on the local host?

  13. tapan gujjar says:

    Awesome and simple tutorial got me engaged to leaning wordpress. Thankyou

  14. elpolinodelapc says:

    I came here waiting for a free download, i know i know, im a cheap mofo..

  15. allabouthegalaxybeam says:

    Hi, how is it with these themes. Are they all adsense compatible and
    accessible via smartphone?

  16. Vitaliy Kolos says:

    Thanks a bunch. I totally like your vid and the following just crossed my
    mind. Would you mind putting links to each other’s videos because it seems
    to make perfect sense to our audiences.

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