1 March 2015
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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance Settings, Menus and Widgets

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! http://www.wordpresstipstricksandtweaks.com | In this fifth WordPress tutorial for beginners, I run you though changing your site’s appearance by showing you how to install and search for themes for your WordPress website. I also show you how to customize your WordPress website menu and installing widgets.

Make sure to view the rest of my “WordPress Tutorials for Beginners” video series on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. If you would like help in your business, contact me at http://desireadifference.com.

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19 responses on “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance Settings, Menus and Widgets

  1. Jolanda Zuidema says:

    When uploading a site from wamp to server, how does my client log in to the
    site to use it as as an author? ( I have added her to users)

  2. sharath kumar says:
  3. Robert Wimer says:

    *sigh*….don’t spam my channel with your products.

  4. Robert Wimer says:

    I thought about deleting my mistake from the tutorial, but how would that
    help anyone else. I figured that everyone needed to see how I came to my
    conclusion and that EVERYONE has times where they miss something.

  5. cheryl manley says:

    Dear Robert, I want to thank you so much! I love the way you about putting
    your video together,when your showing how to use wordpress. I have done
    much better with wordpress in putting my site together with you by side. I
    have done everything you have showen us! thank you!

  6. Marcus White says:

    Hi Robert, At what point do you know that you are ready to sell a theme. I
    don’t think there was a video for it, but I would like to know some
    information about theme completion (this includes set up, amount, etc.) and
    linking it to pay pal…etc.

  7. CrimsonFox Hound says:

    so are you telling me that its difference? can you create website like blog
    in org too?

  8. AdamStevensBass says:

    Thanks a lot Robert!! these videos are incredible!

  9. isartart says:

    Thanks very much for doing this series. You’ve helped me immeasurably and I
    really appreciate it. 🙂

  10. Matthew Milby says:

    Robert I also go to a wesley united methodist church, just curious but what
    state do you reside in? I’m sure there are many wesley united’s out there.

  11. Donna Fairhurst says:

    Hey Robert – are you aware of where your link takes you? When I click on
    the like to your desireadiffernce link under the MORE section, it doesn’t
    go to your site – it has some not so appropriate things on that site – am I
    the only one that has seen this? It is like adult stuff – just sharing
    since I think you might want to check it out.

  12. Vikas Nalawade says:

    nice course, I am now able to play with wordpress and manage the inside

  13. Sloyce says:

    Excellent Video Series. Doesn’t even deserve the 11 Dis-Likes. Crazy
    People. Thanks.

  14. CrimsonFox Hound says:

    is this the free version? wordpress com? No premium No pro? pls

  15. Leonardo Lima de Vasconcellos says:

    thumbs up

  16. Robert Wimer says:

    ….2. You may have a corrupted WordPress instillation. In this case, you
    have two options…contact your host’s tech support or re install
    WordPress. Hope this helps.

  17. Pavan Patil says:

    nice job………..thanks 4 sharing such gud information ……hats off

  18. Robert Wimer says:

    @sabertoothfork Hey, thank you so much. Very high praise indeed. I’ve got a
    new site running & the link can be found in the description of this vid.

  19. Diva Boutique says:

    Thanks for these cool videos. They are very helpful.

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