19 February 2015
Wordpress Training
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WordPress Tutorial | How To Make A Website Properly With WordPress | Step By Step Video Training


This WordPress Tutorial for beginners step by step video will show you how to make a website properly! Learn how to PROPERLY build a WordPress Website that is optimized correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that will ultimately drive more traffic & customers to your site with basically nothing but free tools!


Visit the link above for step-by-step video tutorials covering all aspects of WordPress to ultimately make a WordPress website that has improved visibility online, drives more qualified traffic, customers and cash-flow!

Learn how to make a website that is ultimately is going to have proper functionality to serve you or your business!

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20 responses on “WordPress Tutorial | How To Make A Website Properly With WordPress | Step By Step Video Training

  1. James Stafford says:

    This video has helped over half a million people….
    Be sure to check it out! =========> Like & Share!

  2. TheAnjalg says:

    Thank you so much for the video. Do I have to upgrade my WordPress to a
    premium account to install all the plug ins you have recommended?

  3. remy bossert says:

    This is an excellent tutorial but it’s a pity that the picture isn’t very

  4. John Rivera says:

    Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the video I just have one question.
    Do you have a separate video that talks about content writing? I noticed in
    your video you didn’t talk much about content writing so we know what we
    have to write in order to make our sites show up on page 1 of google. I
    don’t know anything about seo or content writing or keyword researching at
    all. Help would be appreciated.

  5. Randolph Reyes says:

    Even though I have not yet finished this video. I already want to say my
    gratitude for sharing your knowledge. I almost paid $2000 dollars for a
    WordPress and SEO course. Good thing I made some research and found this.

    Thanks again!

  6. David Memmoli says:

    Awesome tutorial. Spent $6000 on a “professional” company only to find out
    later they were just using wordpress. Had them design 3 websites, that
    last of which was the most complicated, and they jsut kept falling short.
    I ultimately designed the look for the site myself on Word Perfect for Macs
    and had them “transfer” the design.

    Fear of technology was absolutely the drive in me hiring this company, only
    to end up designing the site myself. Could have saved $6000 if I have just
    watched this video first.

    Thank you James Stafford for sharing you knowledge and experience.

  7. DALIA com says:

    I thought this video is great, but you do not explain:
    what you do if you already have a website on the server and you don’t want
    word press to over right your website until you are finalized with all your
    new pages for your new website on the same hosting pages?

    do you make a beta directory and start over with WordPress so you don’t
    mess up your current pages until everything is correctly finished looking

    does WP have a way in the pro version for members of the site that want to
    add &-or comment to add content and photos to an existing page? also if a
    member is out of line can I as the author delete unwarranted content
    uploaded by a member of the site?

    what about ecommerce and portal- does WP do that or do I have to go back to
    hard coding for unix server?
    also does it work on unix servers?
    btw I just joined your site!
    this is such a great karma thing you are doing!
    peace love prosperity joy abundance and bliss to U!

  8. margoumix says:

    So what’s about godaddy as a website hosting? James Stafford

  9. Rudy Timmerman says:

    Very well done. I’m a total beginner, and I think I can do this now.

  10. Davis Brown says:

    Nice tutorial.WordPress users and lover will surely like it.Here, I also
    would like to share one more way for designing #WordPress based #themes
    #websites from scratch with the help this #software #templatetoaster. This
    software is very unique and easy to use . I’m using it and found it really

  11. gold rodman says:

    Thanks for the video James, i am looking to start a career in the USA and
    ur video just opened my mind. i would like to learn more from you share ur
    experience with the people from my home. Africa.

  12. Jillian Jane says:

    I can’t thank you enough for making this video ….. I am in the process of
    creating my very first blog and your video has been soooooo helpful…..
    THANK YOU soooo much !!!!! I will be sharing it when I do my post on
    learning to Blog !!!

  13. Seshadri Subramanyam AP Teachers says:

    Super tutorial, i watched complete tutorial, i learned a lot about
    wordpress with with SEO tools with the help of your tutorials

  14. coolspot89 says:

    Thanks for doing this video. I’m new to WordPress and this helped explain a
    few things I had heard about SEO and directing traffic to sites.

  15. Mahmoud Issa says:

    I think it is super good. Many thanks for that.

  16. Amalou Amine says:

    Hi there Thanks a lot for your helpful tuto, all sounds working good
    except when I wanned to download a theme, it showed me this error like this
    ” the download has failed, there is no disponible transport HTTP.. ” !!
    What should I do and thanks for answering me

  17. Sandeep Reddy says:

    Hi James… ever since i have installed word press on to my hosting i was
    pretty confused with the options and never knew how to work with them. I
    tried learning it from wp101, as I have to pay to learn i quite that, but
    just by searching in youtube i felt I got the right video to learn things
    and you are the best Guru(teacher).

    I worked on my website simultaneously watching the video and am really
    happy with what I have learnt. Thank you very much.!!!! 

  18. Sherry Gelay says:

    Great tutorial video! Btw, how can I rank my website on the first page of
    google? Does that All in One SEO package on wordpress works on ranking
    stuff? I don’t have much idea about this SEO thing. Your help would be much
    appreciated. Thanks!

  19. David Yue says:

    Do you teach PHP web development 

  20. André Teunissen says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks for your Tutorial. I Almost used websitemaker software from a local
    hosting company. (That was very limited) Then I saw your tutorial. Learned
    a lot from you today. Thank you

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