20 July 2016
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WordPress Website: Create Your Own Website Using WordPress

Creating website with the help of wordpress is the easiest and fastest way to create qualitative websites. It is so easy for a wordpress developer to create and manage the website in very short span of time. Moreover, for wordpress web design and development, there is no such requirement of deep knowledge of web designing and development. WordPress is the best thing to choose, in case you do not have good knowledge of web design and development and also you have less time to build website.

Following are the steps to become a wordpress developer and to create own website

1)To do wordpress web design, firstly, search for a reliable web hosting company, which is having yearly payment system and the servers are optimized for wordpress websites.

2)Now go to the control panel and log in there and find the CGI script. Then you will find a list of content management system. You will find “WordPress” within that list;

3)Now click to “Install Now” option, you will see a text box. Let the text box be empty. If you want to install it into the directory, only then you can use the text box.

4)Don’t forget to see the result that CGI Script has been installed. After that click on the link which is right below the notification.

5)Now click on the button “Single” which would be highlighted in lower side of screen.

6)Complete all the details like “Site Title”. In future, you can change these details but email should be correct. Now click on “Install WordPress”.

7)If it displays a “Success!” notification then again click on the “Log In” button. Then, login with your all details like username and password. User name and password will be send to your email id.

8)Now, click to “Log In” to log into the CMS.

9)And finally, logged into the “Dashboard” of your website. Now you can create and manage your own website.

Hence, it is not complicated to install the wordpress. Now, as a wordpress designer, you can use the default themes of wordpress and create a beautiful website. It is really so easy to do wordpress web design and wordpress development.

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