6 July 2015
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WPMatter Releases Top 10 Tips for Choosing WordPress Hosting Provider

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2014

WPMatter, a leading WordPress resource site, recently released a detailed guide on how to choose a good WordPress hosting provider and introduced the top 10 tips that are important and helpful. As the selection of web hosting service is a common obstacle for beginners, the guide is made to help them get rid of scams and find the one that fully meets their needs.

In the tutorial, the editors list the top 10 factors that need to pay the most attention, and they explain each one in detail. The further information about the factors and tips are as following.

WordPress hosting platform. Making a choice between Linux and Windows operating systems is the first task that should be accomplished. For people in need of ASP.NET, MSSQL or some other Windows based technologies, Windows hosting is the right choice. However, as PHP runs better on Linux servers, Linux hosting platform is the better option for people running MySQL as the database backend.

Control panel. cPanel is recommended for managing WordPress sites residing on Linux servers because this control panel features a large number of easy-to-use tools for configuring and arranging files, domains, emails, FTP accounts, databases, security, PHP.ini customization, and so on.

1-click WordPress installation. Auto script installers are usually integrated with control panel to automate the installation and update of WordPress, which helps beginners set up blogs quickly without technical knowledge.

PHP version and modules. The version of PHP offered by web hosts decides the compatibility, and the availability of modules has a large impact on the performance and customization of websites. Therefore, bloggers should make sure that the provider supports the latest versions of PHP and most of the required modules.

PHP memory limit. Web hosting providers set strict limits on the amount of PHP memory that is available for every account to consume. With more memory, people are able to run more plugins, images and complicated commands.

Custom Cron Jobs. This feature is important because it allows bloggers to schedule jobs to run at the fixed time or interval. It is required for running some plugins like Google XML Sitemap.

SSH. As the abbreviation of Secure Shell Access, SSH guarantees the security of remote data communication, command-line login, command execution and other activities. This feature brings the website data security to the next level.

Uptime. The amount of uptime determines how long a website is up and running. A good WordPress hosting provider should have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and good uptime records. Records are usually available at some large review sites.

Technical support. To check the quality of a company’s technical support, bloggers can visit the official site to start a live chat, send an email or make a phone call. The response speed and professionalism of support representatives show the answer to the question on whether the company is worth trying.

Customer voice. Reading reviews from real customers is an effective way to find out the reputation, advantages and limitations of a company. This can be done by searching over the Internet or review sites.

For details about the tips, read this tutorial.

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