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About Jose Rodriguez 

Jose has been helping Californian’s with their Real Estate needs since 1996. While helping hundreds of clients, and maintaining the highest level of integrity, he earned Congressional & Senatorial recognition for “Outstanding Service To The Community”. Awarded both honors in 2006 for his work with local schools as well as the segment “Tu Casa, Tu Mundo” that was featured on Telemundo23 news.

Currently working full time as a  Real Estate Broker, but also as a student at SJCC toward a Construction Management degree as well as a General Contractors license in California. All of this in hopes of helping clients with special needs properties, and work with a company established by his son Jose “Anthony” Rodriguez  that is dedicated to helping homeowners and future homeowners with urban agriculture & sustainability as well as the ultimate goal of building environmentally conscious homes that you would be proud to own.

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There has been great hue and cry about the social media marketing these days. People have just one crazy in making their social media presence a beneficial venture for their business. Some of them are just running simple content based campaigns, providing links to the newly written blog posts or
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When choosing Mexico real estate for your retirement, there are many different areas from which you can choose. Besides simply a variety of high quality Mexico properties, the various areas also offer a distinct lifestyle to suit the tastes of different retirees.   The TOPMexicoRealEstate Network prepared a list of
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If you are looking to move into Georgetown, Texas, you should check out the downtown area. It has become the most popular place in Georgetown because there are several distinct vibes within just a few blocks. Live music, fabulous restaurants, market days, ancient pecan trees and the amazing historical homes
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Sharing its name with the Spanish term for gold, the Tucson, Arizona suburb of Oro Valley certainly lives up to the images associated with its namesake. Named the Number 1 best affordable place to retire in the country by Business Week in September 2009, Oro Valley presents an invaluable opportunity
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When most people consider Cancun real estate, the first thought that comes to mind is the condos along the beachfront hotel area. While these are excellent options, there are also many excellent opportunities the downtown area and beyond.   Cancun homes for sale, for example, can be found in the
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They say that "location, location, location" is the key-but sometimes, it's the problem. I was just at a business function where the owner of a local printing company bemoaned the fact that Internet printers are putting pressure on long-time printers. His company hadn't invested in digital printing, relying instead on
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Real Estate Bpo Jobs Despite the Global Financial Crisis, the real estate market in Sydney, Australia has remained pliable. Real figures show that Sydney even recuperated hastily from its RBA (Rentable Building Area) cash rate of 3.25 percent, rental rate for vacancy at 1.5 percent and stock levels 30 percent
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Florida - a dream destination. The beaches of South Beach, Tampa, and Miami are breathtakingly picturesque. Ever wondered about owning one of those South Beach condos? Properties in this area are selling like hot cakes. Beachfront properties are ideal for vacation purpose. People who love to bask in coastal sun,
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Looking for a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a valuable property that has a great history and architecture, is the solution, the prestigious international real estate, where our agents are trained to provide advice you want. The main reason we offer, you can choose the International
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When it comes to finding the perfect plumber for your needs, sometimes a few key points are ignored. You need to consider a few things before calling someone out, as countless times in the past people regret using a company, as they did a bad job or were rude and
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Mattis rebukes Trump over inspector general's removal
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Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis issued a rare public rebuke of President Trump Tuesday over his decision to fire Glenn Fine, the Pentagon inspector general charged with overseeing implementation of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.  Read more… Read More