Mortgage Interest Deduction Teetering on the 'Fiscal Cliff'

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Filed under: News, Economy, Financing The impending fiscal cliff is causing lawmakers to consider many tough decisions and make every kind of consideration for getting the government back on budget. That has led to the proposed slashing of a popular … Read More

Mortgage Interest Deduction: Most Consumers Don’t Use the Tax Break, Report Finds

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Filed under: News, Advice, Economy During the arduous and acrimonious debate over the fiscal cliff, one potential part of the solution that has come up often is the elimination of the mortgage interest tax break. And while many lawmakers treat … Read More

Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Battle Brews in Washington as ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Looms

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Filed under: News, Financing By Jennifer Liberto Washington should stay away from touching the mortgage interest tax deduction, warns the U.S. housing industry. Lately, housing is on the mend and one of the few bright spots in a lumbering economic … Read More