20 February 2015
WordPress Tutorial
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Latest WordPress Tutorial News

Père-Noël zigzag quilt tutorial part three: improv patchwork for the quilt back and machine binding with mitered corners Image by Antípodas Tutorial at Tutorial at mypatchwork.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/improv-patchwork-chr… Middle TN tutorial resources for home-school families Anne Betancourt, secretary of the WHFM board, says Whole Heart Family Ministries is more than a tutorial: "We minister to the whole […]

19 February 2015
Wordpress Training
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WordPress Tutorial | How To Make A Website Properly With WordPress | Step By Step Video Training

http://websitesmadeeasy.tv/recomends/ProperWordPressSetup This WordPress Tutorial for beginners step by step video will show you how to make a website properly! Learn how to PROPERLY build a WordPress Website that is optimized correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that will ultimately drive more traffic & customers to your site with basically nothing but free tools! http://websitesmadeeasy.tv/recomends/ProperWordPressSetup […]

15 February 2015
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Free WordPress Templates

by EnergeticThemes   WordPress is probably the most used publishing or blogging software these days. It is totally free to download and this is one of the major reasons of its popularity. Organizations, be it a small, medium or large, need the blog facility in their website as blogging is a crucial part of the […]

14 February 2015
Wordpress Beginner
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Best WordPress Theme Frameworks for Beginners

by Vicky TGAW WordPress is the best CMS platform and you can create beautiful blogs and websites using this open source web software. Using WordPress API custom, WordPress theme development is a very easy task and this has lead many developers to pursue career in WordPress development. If you are a WordPress enthusiast and you […]

12 February 2015
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Create WordPress News Template | Part One | Understinding Basics | RR Foundation Bangla Tutorials

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12 February 2015
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How to Create a News Ticker for WordPress

Create a news ticker for WordPress in under 5 minutes using the jNewsticker for WordPress plugin http://164a.com/jnewsticker/wordpress.html Video Rating: 4 / 5 In this video tutorial you will learn how to perform the installation and basic setup of MH Magazine WordPress Theme. MH Magazine is a Premium WordPress Theme for online magazines, dynamic news websites, […]

11 February 2015
WordPress Themes
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Latest WordPress Themes News

AHosting Warns Of Increased Malware Risk From Infected WordPress Themes AHosting, a provider of high-performance CMS hosting, has released an advisory notice warning WordPress users that a large number of sites have recently been infected by malware such as CryptoPHP, including over 20,000 WordPress sites in the last … Read more on IT Business Net Teslathemes […]

22 % of all the brand-new sites are made with WordPress

Site development and design is an art as well a science. In early days of internet, plain HTML based websites were made. Later, different program languages were presented to internet site development including ASP and Perl. Web developers are constantly aided by new development advancements. WordPress web site is latest in addition and is a […]

10 February 2015
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Latest How To Use WordPress News

PHP Applications, WordPress Subject to Ghost glibc Vulnerability PHP applications such as WordPress also use the gethostbyname() function wrapper, which expands the scope of the vulnerability even as Linux distributions roll out patches. “An example of where this could be a big issue is within WordPress itself: it … Read more on Threatpost CryptoPHP and […]

9 February 2015
WP Theme
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Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

Premium Full Courses @ http://jream.com Here is how to create a wordpress theme. Ill do it the wordpress minimalist way so you can customize it any way you like. It’s not that bad once you see! Have fun! For more information about the Restaurateur WordPress theme see here: http://wpthemes.co.nz/restaurateur/ For theme installation instructions see here: […]