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WordPress developed into the largest community of collaborators in the open source community. Code is updated daily by hundreds of dedicated professionals. With thousand of plug ins available – there is never a shortage of power. Picking the right combination of plug ins, hosting, and internet marketing is crucial to a site’s success.   
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free-mobile-web-siteMobile First Design

Automatically display a mobile website when accessed from a mobile device.
The result is a website that looks and has the ease of use of an application – without the need to download or develop an app for every device platform.
  • Mobile marketing is on track to top $1.1 billion this year and $1.5 billion next year, according to eMarketer. More than two thirds of the world’s population has a mobile subscription, and mobile users are highly active. Facebook recently reported statistics indicating that over half of its 500 million subscribers access Facebook from a mobile device and exhibit twice the activity level of non-mobile users.






IWeb-Grapevinesnternet Marketing

SEO, Links, Video, Twitter, Facebook and all that –  Where do you start?

We will give it to you straight and help you reach your goals with as little purse pinch as possible.

What can you afford?  What can you do for free? What an you do yourself?  We love to help people – and we want to help you figure it out, and lend as much help as you need.





  • Social Marketing: Do you have a website Facebook page? Google Plus? Twitter? Linked In? FourSquare? We can help get you set up or put some juice into your online persona.  more
  •  SEO Sense:  What is page rank?  Why do these matter?  ->  Titles, Headings, Content, Pages, Posts, Links, Tags, Categories, Alt Text, Meta Descriptions, Excerpts, Photos, Videos …  more
  • Web Design and Analytics:  What your visitors do once they get to your site makes all the difference.  Easy to use design and appealing content determine whether your call to action is answered.   more





Security and Support

We got your back.

Have you been inundated with spam, bogus users, embarrassing comments, or worse yet – lack of access to your site because of too many users? We have been around the block and have dealt with it all – so you don’t have to.  Our suite of plug in’s and premium support are backed up  by our online community’s best and most seasoned talent.

We back up every day and monitor all day – so you don’t have to.







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You have a team that cares behind you.

We will always offer you economical and creative ways that you can make an impact with your own efforts or with our help. Our services are always flexible and can be used only when and as much as you need. We Can Help.








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