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Analyze your online presence for accuracy.

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A reputation is something you build upon, not something you stand on.Abraham Lincoln


Mr. Egghead says,

” Sign up for Google Alerts to see any new mentions of you or your brand, website or whatever.”



What you can expect from our team:

1. Analysis
We manage and monitor the inaccurate online content identified by the client that may be detrimental to them or their business. We do not judge the content. Judging the accuracy of the content is the client’s responsibility.

Next step is to find out:

  • Who owns, manages, or has access to the sites or pages where the detrimental content resides?
  • What “keywords” or search phrases bring up inaccurate content?
  • What kind of sites are involved: blogs, journals, news sites, forums, permanent or ad-hoc sites, etc.?
  • Are the postings associated with competitive (deeply entrenched) or with transitional keywords (those that can be quickly overcome with corrective actions


2. Strategic planning
We rapidly assemble a team and develop an action plan that is perfectly suited to your unique business needs. We present the plan to you and get sign-off. Then we go into action.

3. Action
We begin to implement counter-measures that include, but are not limited to:
  • Online Reputation Team runs reports to determine the problem areas and then builds a plan to remedy any negative remarks, comments or postings on places such as Yelp and Google Places where most customers look before engaging in business with you.We have positive working relationships with these vendors and can leverage that relationship to get fast results to get you back on track.
  • Promoting client provided/approved content to help overcome the impacted listings, such that the promoted content takes over the position of the inaccurate content. Since we cannot take responsibility for the content, all content provided/approved by the client is deemed accurate by us and we only provide the service to promote that content such that the appropriate content is visible for the defined keywords.
  • We also buy new domains with important, relevant keywords in the URLs, and optimize these sites. We offer continuous reporting, review, and revision of strategy based on concrete web metrics that are centered around your unique industry needs. We always go the extra mile to educate you and your staff on these issues.