Google Analytics

Knowing exactly what is attracting people to your webite is invaluable.

Get your analytics set up to track hits per page, post, promotion and more.  Fine tune your settings to capture information relevant to your site’s success. Check out Google Analytics and see how it  Google is built into every Website Wag site:

Google+ Plugin

Add a +1 button to your site and let visitors spread the word about your content. The +1 vote of approval is now an important factor in Google’s search rankings, and this button is a powerful SEO tool that you can’t afford to ignore.


Integrate your WordPress site with Google Pages so people can easily add you to their circles. Create maximum exposure for your WordPress site in this new social media landscape.

Post directly to WordPress from Google + for a faster blogging experience. Our plugin now features Post Format Support, allowing you to apply specific formats to your G+ content with an innovative custom hashtag system.

Post from Google+ directly to your BuddyPress activity stream and let your community enjoy seamless compatibility with Google Plus.


 Google Analytics


It’s all ready. Use Google’s world renowned activity charts. Simply insert your own Analytics code and track you blogs performance.

Because you can’t monitor unless you measure. . .


Google Maps


Finally, a solution for the everyday blogger, the ma and pa business owner, and even the most particular of power users!

Check out these features:

  • Google-MapsSimple Embed in any post or page through the ‘Add Map’ Icon in the Visual Editor
  • Full Mapping Widget – there’s no place this map can’t go!
  • Advanced Settings Page – for those users that want fine-tune control
  • Custom Fields – use custom fields to interact with the Geolocation plugin
  • Panoramia Image Overlay – make your map dynamic with panoramia images
  • Street View – save maps with street view on to give visitors a snapshot of your location
  • Custom CSS – add your own CSS to customize your map

This elegant, powerful WordPress plugin allows you to simply create as many Google Maps and insert them into post, pages or your sidebar — letting your site visitors get directions in seconds.



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Google Apps

In recent years Google Apps has developed to a point that in most cases it is no longer necessary to set up domain based email hosting. Given all of the features packed into Google Apps, many web developers are turning to the familiar and proven Google Gmail, Analytics, Drive (formerly Docs), Voice and so on . . .  Google seems to come up with something new every week. Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  A free Google App account is no longer available – even for 10 or less users.  As of December 2012 there is a small monthly fee of $5 for each user.

ZOHO Mail  still allows 3 free users.  You can create [email protected] for 1 domain, 3 Groups, and 5 GB storage. This is Email service only – so does not include some of the Google features like Google Drive.

 Contact us about your project and we can help get your website set up with @yourdomain email addresses along with Google Analytics, Voice, Drive (docs, forms, spreadsheets etc) and more.  We can show you how to keep everything under one roof and keep control over all the communications, documents and contacts that make up your business.

Typically we can set up everything in just one hour. Get a Tech Aid building block and send us your project info.  We’ll get started right away!

SEO and Search

We cannot over emphasize the importance of getting properly indexed by browsers and search spiders. The road is constatnly under construction and the  the road rules continuously changing and growing. 

Video coming soon,. How to create a sitemap and get indexed using Google Webmaster

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