E-Mail-MarketingEconomical and Effective

With the flood of banners, ads, games etc. – it is getting more and mote difficult to reach your targeted audience.

Media is everywhere now with mobile internet and LCD screens popping up everywhere – you got quite a task getting the attention of the folks you want to invite to your site.

We use Mail Chimp as the backbone of our Email Marketing efforts.  This is free, easy to use, and tracks every detail We would love to help get your campaign going or show you how.

Here are some things to consider:


Keep in Touch

Communication on a regular is possible at virtually no cost – but the right balance is essential.  Too much and you’ll get many un-ubscriptions. A good first step is to make multiple campaigns in categories of targeted messages. This will give your site visitors the comfort of knowing they are not going to get flooded with every single story and campaign your site promotes.


Bullseye-e-mail-marketingTargeted and Attentive

This starts at your site.  Give your site visitors the option to subscribe at the right moment in an appealing way. If you do this effectively you will get a faithful, appreciative, and engaged community of subscribers. Figure out who and where your tribe is. We Can Help.

Get to Know Your Community

You will be able to see who is opening, clicking, and engaged.  These reports are available for iPhone and Android too. Tweet Trends gives tells you what your subscribers like on Twitter.  Google Analytics can track E-Mail Marketing results.






Get your message sent with style. 

Beautiful Newsletters, Messages, & Invitations.

We can create it or you can do it your self with dozens of pre‑designed templates or make your own template if you’re feeling creative.

Use  tags to personalize your content for your subscribers and integrate other services or features you use to make your messages unique, pretty, and powerful.





See these great e-mail and communication tools

included with every WAG site:  


Add Users


Frustrated by adding new users to sites one-by-one using Add New?

We understand so we included the Add New Users plugin.

This really handy tool quiickly bulk creates and adds new users, in batches of 15, as collaborators or contributors to sites.  No configuration necessary!


Contact Form


Adds a contact form widget to your blog.

A contact form is critical to your site’s success. Your website visitors must have a way to contact you.

Maybe, you even need multiple contact forms for different purposes.  Now we’ve got a way for you to take care of both issues with a brilliant drag-and-drop widget!



Footer Content

Footer-ContentGet your message, content, promotion etc out on every page.

This feature allows blog administrators to add their own content to the footer of every page on their blog.







At sign up choose from 70+ different languages for your site.

Users are prompted to pick a language at sign up.

Go international with Website Wag!