Do you have a web video?

Modern search engine optimization can include a range of multimedia strategies to increase rankings and drive new traffic to your site. Search engines provide image and video results on related keyword phrases. We will help you develop a video campaign that goes with SEO and allows you to reach a broader audience by optimizing your videos for search.

Google’s Universal search algorithm results include regular web pages,  videos, images, news, shopping, and other categories that may be related to the search query, and they have changed a lot of search engine optimization strategies . At Website Wag we will employ a range of multimedia solutions to dominate 1st page rankings and drive more traffic to your site through these results, and help you create the campaign that works with your SEO efforts to reach a broader audience.   

Using Videos to Rank For Competitive Search Phrases

Optimizing your videos for search can have a huge impact on the number of visitors to your website. When videos appear on the first page of the search engines, they are more eye catching and have a much higher click through rate than the regular plain text options on the same page.  There many different factors that can affect well how a video ranks, and we can help you capture more first-page real estate and drive traffic through effective optimization techniques.

Everything from the media platform (You Tube, Vimeo, Viddler etc ) that hosts your video to the context or intent of the keywords can affect how you rank, both on the video channel and in Google’s universal search results. SCWMT can work with you to figure out which keywords will be the most effective to target and then start optimizing these videos where they will be seen.


Wag WordPress sites include this handy You Tube plug in:

Automatic You Tube Featured Videos

You Tube Autopost

The YouTube Featured Video plugin is a simple, flexible plugin that lets you select videos from a YouTube channel and then feature them in your sidebar, increasing the exposure of your video content and giving your visitors a more engaging multimedia experience.

  • Control the setting from simple options on the widget itself
  • Title the widget whatever you’d like
  • Select which videos to show from the YouTube channel of your choice
  • Choose how you would like the videos to be selected for display: all videos, a random video, or a related video based on tags and the video description
  • Show the video in an overlay popup, or play it right there on the sidebar
  • Choose to show the video’s title or not
  • Choose to show a link back to the channel on YouTube (and define your own text for the link)