4 ways that you could be saving cash & other must-reads

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It’s the beginning of the new week, which means a fresh start! Start your week off on the right foot by reading up on these 5 articles from Finance Collective members. From TK, these are must-reads!

  1. How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online by Saving with Spunk: Have you ever contemplated making a website? Read this article for how-to tips on starting your blog and ways to monetize it!
  2. 4 Little-Known Ways to Cut Expenses When You’re in Debt by The Budget Mom: Penny pinching can be a crucial step to getting out of debt. Here are 4 ways that you might be missing out on saving money!
  3. 4 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Job Search by Investment Conversations: If you are looking for a new career path, don’t make these rookie moves during your search!
  4. How do You Start Investing in Real Estate with No Money? by InvestFourMore: Are you thinking of investing in real estate? Did you know that you can do it with no money? Find out what it takes in this article!
  5. What are bonds? by Financial Fanny Pack: Learn all about the basics behind bonds (what they are and how you can make money off them) from this educational post.

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