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Website-design-development Website Redesign

 We’ve thought long and hard about how to make the web experience fruitful and fun for anyone looking to build a great online presence.

We know that a website is a crucial part of communication and collaboration in today’s changing world.  We also realize all these changes have come upon us quite quickly.

Here are some sample of what are Web Building Blocks look like when assembled into an active website:

Past Projects 




Connection Magazine



 Captiain Canna

Bella Reyes Law

Bella-Reyes-LawWe offer an affordable alternative to the hefty monthly fees charged by legal directory services.

We were able to offer an website ready to connect to social networks, blog ready, mobile optimized, and SEO tagged for a very small fraction of the costs being charged to this law office. Thi smenat much more for a lot lot less.

You can do it yourself with our Video Tutorials or Contact Us and take advantage of our experienced and ready staff.

Many folks are starting to stray away from expensive phone book ads that mostly get dumped in the recycling bin.


This is a nice example of a responsive theme that is easy to C.A.R.Sset up and looks great on any device. Responsive themes work well on any device like desktops,laptops,tablets and smart phones. This site only needed very limited functionality and sharing features.

Every web site has different goals.


Cafe-Ella-website-redesign Even folks who redesigned their website a couple of years ago would do well to see what has developed in recent years. The amount of influence and connections now possible online are amazing. Every business can take advantage of today’s online communication and collaboration.

We recently helped the good folks at Ella’s get their websites updated and most importantly- get it linked to the engaged Facebook friends they already made through the last few years.

We added Facebook integration which allows Facebook log-in for comments and auto-posting of blog postings, photos, media and more. In addition we added the activity feed since so many people were already engaged with Ella’s.

We noticed from the Facebook activity that many people were inquiring about services and scheduling.  We used the Appointments plug in (included in Pro hosting) to make it easy for anyone to make a reservation or schedule catering for either Cafe Ella or Ella’s Italian Restaurant. This feature provides the option for Google Calender synchronization.

We also used free Google Forms to make a custom contact form that nicely fits the function and design. We also included the Google+ plug in to make way for including Ella’s into Google’s quickly expanding social network.

Next we set up a Twitter account and linked it to the home page with a simple Twitter widget included with the premium theme.  We did the same with the Facebook Activity widget after setting up a Facebook API and configuring the Ultimate Facebook plug in.

We found many great Yelp reviews so included the Yelp It plug in which automatically updates a graphic of your Yelp star rating. There is no better adverting then real referrals. Last but certainly not least – we started a blog which will auto post to both Facebook and Google +. More to come.




Golden Bear Fire

We are always happy when we get a really well run business that needs a website face lift.  Many have sites that are five or six years old – which is ancient in the web world. Check out the great Wag tools we implemented for this great family run company.

Private Sites

Sometimes you don’t want to have a social network have control and even partial ownership of your personal pictures and video journals. You can still have all of the wonderful sharing features of the net while maintaining complete control and ownership. Share as you please.

This is an example of a site that takes advantage of password protection while allowing registered users (family and friends)  unfettered access. The included Privacy and Password Protect Selected Content plug in options let you choose exactly what is shared and with whom.





Easily create a blog to quickly and effectively share your latest blog posts, videos, maps, events, products or whatever.


Broker Jose

This blog site was created as a supplement to a main site. The main site lacked an easy way to regularly post updates and share property videos , news & information.

The sky is the limit.

Solar Jose

Solar Jose is a great example of a very resourceful way to branch out and use the great Website Wag suite of tools to further the force of your knowledge and know how.

Spread your wings and let the world know what you can  offer.

 Don’t have time to blog all the time?

No worries. With our Auto blog feature you will be able to automatically get great articles from throughout the internet by simply pasting the URL of your favorite Blog RSS feed.

Fine filter your content with the included qualifying  and key word filters. You can have your auto blog pull new articles every30 minutes or once a day.

Couple Auto Blog with our Social Sharing features and you will be in orbit. Add your own useful insights with your own blog postings and include anything you would like to spread your message.

Solar-Jose-Mobile-SiteFree Mobile Sites

If you have a little bit of designer in you – then it will be a snap to get your website optimized for all mobile devices. If you can live with the Duda ad it is free indefinitely – otherwise you can pay a small monthly fee to have you mobile site ad free.

 If you need help with design or anything else you can easily get help with our Web Building Blocks.

Paul Wood and The Outfit

Paul-Wood-and-The-OutfitThis local trio had lots of fans at shows asking where they could connect and get the music. Paul Wood is a local treasure who recorded his first three albums with the John Lee Hooker. We were happy to help get this amazing trio set up to share and connect with their fans, offer music online, and present the latest videos and concerts.

With our building blocks we were able to set up not only a complete website, but also a plan to start connecting with fans. We used many of the plug in features that are included with our Pro hosted websites.


All of our features are as easy to use as posting blog content. This is true of the E-Commerce plug in we used to offer the latest tunes. Using a simple audio short code we included the ability to sample the tune also.

Social Marketing 

Many of our features span across the Product postings including the Facebook auto post, Infinite SEO, Google Maps, Google +, Smooth Slider, Floating Social, Comments Plus and Social Marketing plug ins. . See our Premium Features for the details.


Our Events and Booking plug in comes in very handy for may sites, but especially for bands on the move. Event postings are as easy and include all the social sharing features along with Google Maps, Google Calenders, and all the social sharing features. Include any or all of these Event features with included widgets!

Asana Adventures

Asana Adventures

This is a great example of a free site that was created in just a couple of hours.

This responsive theme made mobile optimization unnecessary.

This site is ready to grow with all the plug ins available to easily add appointments, events, maps and more.

If help is needed in creating more pages or adding and configuring features – we are here to help.

All of the documentation necessary to use all our incredible features and Video Tutorials are available to help make any site shine.


Web Videos

We used the great videos already available and created a properly tagged You Tube Channel and strategically incorporated all videos into the site. Videos can be one of your most effective tools in getting the right eyeballs on your featured campaign.

Cafe-Ella-mobile site

Mobile Optimization

The mobile market has grown from nothing to an incredible force in just a few short years. To be found and easily viewed on mobile devices is now an absolute necessity

We are able to easily and quickly transform your site into a mobile magnet. Local searches are key to attracting visitors to your site. When on the go you have even less then the typical 2 minute ateention span. You got to make your services and action call loud and clear plus front and center. 


An essential part of any site Wag is proper SEO terms, categories, tags, meta tags, videos, image names etc. Our local posts regarding for every class time slot coupled with strong SEO work, resulted in a mobile site that start getting hits and bringing in fresh new leads every day! The ability and incentives for visitors to Like and share the promotions made all the difference.


Santa Cruz Power Fitness

SC-Web-Team-portfoliovMobile-web-marketingSanta Cruz Power Fitness was a great project that brought a five year old website into the modern web. We were able to redesign the look and incorporate many of our great tools to help promote new member sign ups.

We used social sign up, sharing, calenders, videos, and mobile optimization to get the site sizzling.

Reputation management was also incorporated which led to first page ranking on Google within a month of properly updating and Search engine optimization efforts.

Real Estate Cruzin


This project was not a building the main site – but a couple of small capture sites meant to get targeted visitor’s attention and direct them to the main site.

Local and mobile optimization are essential to real estate sites along with relevant and useful information to attract eyeballs.

With this in mind we created area specific information pages and auto blogs to poulate the site regularly with the latest trending real estate and economy related news.

Local SEO results along with Social Sharing are driving today’s marketing methods.

We got to work by adding industry specific plug ins to add lots of rich features that double as magnets for better SEO ranking. We added automatically updated plug ins to implant statistics, charts, lists and maps from the internet.  This included daily information imports from Trulia, Zillow, Yelp and Walkscore.

Utilizing the abundance of free features and resources to online to drive the right eyeballs to your site is the future of marketing.

We originally added MLS service to the site and mobile site also, but later removed it and re-directed all search requests to the main site. We are constantly monitoring and shifting direction based on Google Analytics and our Reports feature.

We also created a free blog site which is set to filter real estate blogs from various top information websites. Our goal is always to get you the most bang from your buck by using as many free features and available information as possible. We understand not everyone has a full time writing staff – yet it is crucial to have your site filled with trending information.

Staying current with the latest relevant news and developments is a must in today’s web 2.0 world.





This was an experiment in getting a local business community into a web community. This site is no longer actively maintained – nor is  hosted on our super fast and secure servers – but is a good example of the breadth of tools and features that can be used to create web communities specific to an industry.

Specialty Plug Ins

Every website requires a different approach when it comes to which features and specialty plug ins to add. Too many and your site may run slow

Desibizbuy is an example of a site with industry specific plug ins that offer information and services from across the web. An online community is currently in the infant stages with only 70 blogs – but is fertile and can soon become a great resource for Commercial Real Estate in the Bay Area. Stay Tuned.

Introduction Videos

This is now a standard appearance on most sites that offer a service ot product that is best introduced in the most dynamic way possible. Thanks to the maturity of online video and video production and posting websites – we can offer you an awesome introducition video at a budget that is definitely not Hollywood. 

U.S. Hemp Co.

This website has undergone many transformations since 2006. We redesigned it recently and began a community feature that will be launched soon along with a web 2.0 SEO and Social sharing plan. Once complete we will migrate this site from GoDaddy to WebsiteWag’s premium hosting. We are happy to help migrate your site from your current hosting.

In today’s internet – upgrades and updates are constantly needed.

Upgrades and Migration

  Are you running an old version of WordPress? Is your site slow or being attacked by constant spamming? It may be time for a new approach. Get Started here.

Migrating can be tricky – but we can help.

No matter how old or new your website, we can help get you up to date with the latest in secure hosting, social marketing, bloggin, and in the mix with the latest and greatest tools. We always have our ears to the ground and keep you outfitted with the most innovative web tools.


Mobile Updates

If you are not ready for a complete face lift and migration – you can still get up to date by getting your site mobile ready. 

Mobile design does not have to be done for every platform or device type. The latest in technology allows easy transformation of your site to a mobile website. We can show you the way – or we are always happy to help. We always keep you informed of the latest tools available online. We always incorporate the latest tools into our service for free or at the lowest cost to be found on the web – guaranteed.

Mobile web made easy – real easy.

Check out our web building blocks to see how easy it is to get started. If you feel like trying it out for yourself – we reccomend checking out dudamobile and giving it a whirl. It may take only take a couple of hours for a trained designer to get your mobile site just right. It often take a first timer much longer. So, if you want to save your own time we are happy to help.

We are always here to help as much as you need us.



Presenting your product in an impressive way is essential. The ease of navigation and explanation make all the difference. We consider every angle when making our e-commerce lay outs. Every product is different and each audience unique, so we pay special attention to check out points and cancellation redirects. 

Each product is unique and requires a presentation designed with the audience in mind. 

There are many options available when it comes to selling online. There are many free options from a simple Pay Pal button or full use of PayPal’s expanding feature list. There are also numerous free plug ins that instantly create very nice and feature rich stores that integrate perfectly with WordPress. Consider a premium theme especially designed with e-commerce in mind. 

Clicks, Clicks Clicks.



We love designing websites for non-profit organizations. These sites are a bit different in approach. As always we take extra care in getting to know you and your particular project.  Then we make a plan and a path for getting your site wagging.

U.S. Hemp Co. Museum

This is an example of an information rich resource site meant to educate and inspire. Many historical photos and facts tell the story of industrial hemp’s ten-thousand year old history and it’s importance place in our future.

There are various sliders, galleries, and RSS feeds that give this site it’s wag. Easy navigation and search-ability are of special concern with resource and education centered sites.

We are currently developing an online educational site that isfully featured and automatically handle all aspects of classroom, teacher, and student inter-relationships using the power of WordPress, onine social community plug ins and the internet. The whole world is available to educate us for the future.




 Get the Wag difference



thc delivery system

THC Delivery System

We redesigned this site and added some great WordPress plug ins to help drive more traffic to this great non profit. All the plug ins come pre-installed.  Easy.

We incorporated social sharing, new design and a mobile site. Blogging and auto posting  to Facebook and Twitter added the needed boost.

Using our included theme and pre-installed package made this website face-lift a cinch.

You can do it.



Community and Review Sites


There are now plug ins and platforms developed to work seamlessly with WordPress. If you want to communicate and collaborate with your 

members there are many options from enhanced blogs to full fledged social site conversions.

Root Tribe

This is a Community and Review site developed on a Joomla platform. It  is currently not active. Plans for an improved version are in the works. With WordPress and a little wag – this site will return invigorated.

Root Tribe includes complete Social and Reveiw integration of community posts that include anything from links, videos, photos, polls, live chat, video chat, and maps that automatically capture location. 

Geo-Location and Social Networks are quickly becoming very important.





Videos are everywhere all the time now.

Your site is not complete until you have features that include easy blending of web videos to enhance and highlight your message.


Google Analytics and Tracking 

The success of internet marketing campaigns can be measured easily using free tools from Google and free features included in every WebsiteWag site.

These charts show the result of a launch campaign which comprised of blogging, social networking, and posting relevant content to draw attention to the  site.


The number of visitors to your site is important – but if they stay says it all about the quality of the content.

 All of our sites are made with staying power in mind. We want to see our  Google charts and Analytics to show results that indicate effective design and good content.

Content is King.


We are always interested in helping with cutting edge ideas that are creating the ever weaving web. If you have an ideas that you would like to see come to life – tell us about it and you’ll be surprised how easy it may be to creat your dream site.



In 2011 we developed this Group On for the Cannabis industry in the Bay Area of Northern California. This site was built on WordPress using a fully automatic post system that mimicked the dynamic pricing functions of  the most popular group buying websites.

You can see from the chart that a sustained campaign resulted in noticeable spikes in user visits and member registration. Unfortunately the campaigns were ended after the political climate changed and the project was ended.



Keep Wagging!




The importance of sustained activity cannot be understated. Continuous blogging and organic social web interaction are essential to keep your site wagging.  We can help.

Great web sites have a constant glow,

not a single explosion