seo-web-guidanceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

An online search contains free organic search listings, and paid advertising called pay-per-click ads.

Search engines “crawl” the Internet, indexing websites.

Spiders are programs that search out keywords, page content, title tags, description tags and link builders.
You can improve your website’s search engine ranking by choosing all your words carefully. With pay-per-click advertising, you “buy” your ranking for a particular search term or keyword.


Once your site is ranked in the top 10 for your keyword phrase, keep it there with new content & updating.


Successful SEO means you will have traffic directed to your website  24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.




Every Website-Wag-Super-Sites website comes with SEO built in.


The wag team can help you with a SEO Building Block 



WagTHE one-stop solution for optimizing your WordPress site to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible.


We can help optimize these four major components: 

1. Easily generate a customized sitemap to include or exclude pages and/or posts, depending on your preference. You also have the option to filter your taxonomies and include categories and post tags as you choose.

2. Customize how your site appears when search engines find you using the Title and Meta panel. Easily customizing titles and meta descriptions of your site pages.

3. Get feedback from the SEOmoz report panel. 
Infinite SEO gives you the opportunity to tap into the powerful SEOmoz API.

In a matter of seconds you can be funneling stats and ranking information for your site from the most highly-regarded SEO experts in the industry.

4. The automatic linking feature automates deep linking within your site’s post and pages so that crawlers can quickly and easily index all of your content.

Infinite SEO offers you fine-grained control of the automatic linking of your posts, pages and custom content types with the ability to customize and/or ignore keywords that you specify.



Online  Business Reputation & Reviews

Online Reputation  is of most value to anyone. We take extreme care in identifying challenged areas such as bad Yelp reviews, negative blogging or any of the many hard to monitor and manage issues that come up online.

We will show you ways to improve your online business reputation and grow it stronger in measurable steps and visible results. You must know what your customers are saying about you as well as what your potential clients are reading when reviewing your company.

We will also show you your industry’s online landscape to help your sales and marketing team build their strategy. This is one of the most crucial aspects of doing business online today. Nearly everyone is effected by customer comments the world can see 24/7? We offer peace of mind as we offer solutions to any online need.

“Local review sites are reshaping the world of small business by becoming the new Yellow Pages, one-stop platforms where customers can find a business — and also see independent critiques of its performance.”  



Complete SEO solution built into every site.

Web networking and social marketing features pre-installed – FREE.