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What does WAG mean?

A wag is the most honest expression of contentment, excitement and security that we could imagine. Our goal is to  generate genuine energy for your website – and for you – by fostering  confidence and creativity through real human help.


Why are you more expensive then most hosting?

We are actually much more affordable. Most hosting services will charge for every single option we offer as free. Once you add up all the necessities, you’ll find you save big with Website Wag – and have the best industry support and guarantees.  We have taken much care in providing all inclusive packages designed to help you – not nickle and dime you or keep you locked into proprietory tools. Check out the Difference.


What is the difference between Pro and Custom hosting?

Basic and Pro sites

Good for most folks: Students, bloggers, or small business sites can benefit from having our webmasters handle all WordPress and Plug In updates.

Your site will be managed under our secure and managed network. This means your site comes loaded with features and is ready to design.  This also means you save your time and always have WordPress site updated and working well – guaranteed.


Great for Medium to Large businesses and Innovation ventures

You also get FTP access, Your own custom Plug-In set up, and 24/7 Monitoring.

Our team is ready to make your dreams come into reality. We will guide you to the best and most economical way – always.


What do you support?

We guarantee our hosting speed, security and availability. We will also help resolve functionality issues you may have with our Feature plug ins. Support is limited to our included and curated themes and features. We are always happy to help with Custom sites as well using our Building Block service.


How do I get support?

In your WordPress dashboard you will find a Support section. You can create a support ticket in this area.




Can I add more plug ins other then the pre-installed ones you provide?

Most needs are covered with our pre-installed plug ins- but we are always looking to improve. Send us your recommendations for new features you’d like to see included as a standard features.

If you regularly need to install your own plug ins, you need a Custom install.   Tell us about your project before you sign up and we will be happy to guide you.

Pro site members can request additional specialty plug ins/features as part of development. The minimum is a 20 min Web Building Block. We can then install and test if your plug in is compatible with our secure network – most work fine.

Send us your recommendations.   We need your feedback.


Can I use any other CMS other then WordPress?

No – for good reason:  Wordpress is the most widely developed and supported CMS and so offers the most for your site. We are able to guarantee great support, security and service because we specialize.


Is the built in SEO automatic or do I have to set it up.

Our built in SEO will automatically get tags from your content and pull suggestions from the web. You must decide which are relevant to your venture.

SEO is crucial and powerful and should be thoughtfully and thouroughly set up on each page.

We don’t offer SEO tricks or “secrets” – just real organic web knowledge and growth.  See our WordPress Tutorials for Beginners Videos for more info about SEO set up. Check out our Building Blocks to get some real human help.


How do I make my website mobile?

We will automatically design your mobile site if you purchased one of our Site Packages or Mobile Design Building Blocks.

If you’d like to design it yourself:

Choose a responsive theme from ourlist of continuously updated themes 


Go to DudaMobile to instantly make your site mobile. – then use the online editor. Need help?  We’re here.

 We always offer you the best of the web.   You’ve got a web friend now.